9. A brief bio

Since this is a relaunch and it seems that I’ve picked up some new followers it would probably be wise of me to give a little introduction and description of some of the people I will be referencing in posts.

I am a submissive male in my late 30’s.  I entered the lifestyle 14 years ago and lived in varying versions of Femdom D/s ever since then.  I’ve been a kink blogger since 2010 as well as dabble in fetish art and erotica.  My current relationship began 24-7 but due to some factors it slowly shifted over to vanilla.  While it doesn’t exist in my day to day life I use writing as a means of exploring the thoughts, feelings, and actions that are not currently in my life.

Important people and their abbreviations:

K – My first Mistress.  She introduced me to the lifestyle.  She was a strict micro-manager and I loved her very much.  We were engaged to be married.  Cancer took her from me during our second year together.

F – My second Mistress.  She was the leader of a local BDSM group and after some friends dragged me to a munch we met and I managed to impress her.  We were friends for several months before the connection grew too strong to resist and she accepted me as her submissive.  She was a very intricate sadist and I was the first sub she had been with that allowed/encouraged her to explore the depths of that part of herself.  I loved her deeply.  A family emergency forced her to relocate and she left me behind.

T – My current partner.  We have been together almost ten years and have lived together for about half of that.  We met through kink and our relationship took off at a rapid pace.  Each year seemed to change things and dial back the dynamics of our relationship in order to keep the relationship sustainable.  The past few years have seen it disappear completely.  There is the hope and plan that once she finishes up her advanced degree that we will resume.

M – My older sister’s childhood friend.  She “tormented” me over a 6-7 year span during my childhood, forcing me to play bondage games with her and allow myself to be controlled.  This continued until she was well into puberty and I was reaching its edges and had a very large impact upon my sexuality.  She was my sexual fantasy for most of my teens.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.  I try to answer contacts/comments and also take requests for writing topics.


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