38. 30 Days of Kink: Day 8

Post a kinky image you find erotic. Briefly describe what arouses you most in the image.


I’ve loved this image since I first saw it (originally I saw a crop of it that was mostly the heads/faces).  One of the obvious draws to this is that it immediately draws on my attraction to women in fur and gloves.  Going deeper, the look in his eyes shows a delicious mix of fear and adoration.  “I am afraid but I am so happy to see you.”

In general, it is the “story” of the scene that flows through my head that arouses me the most.

The way she looks down at him is almost like she’s inspecting him to see if he has endured enough to deserve her contact.  He suffers bound and naked in the cold rain.  She’ll keep him there until he’s ready.  Not quite ripe, maybe one more day.

To feel owned to such an extent drives my subspace into a frenzy.

A hat tip to Sardax for making such wonderful artwork.

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