41. 30 Days of submission: Day 9

Do you accept and/or expect structure, rules and limits as a part of your submission? 

Contextually speaking, “limits” seems like limits on behavior and not “hard or soft limits” so I will answer it from what makes more sense.

I accept and thrive under structure, rules, and limits.  The more clear they are, the better I do to comply.  As for expecting them, I understand that providing and enforcing rules/structure, and limits takes effort on the Domme’s part so the extent to which she wants to provide and enforce them is something that I also accept.

How do you feel about them?

The way I see it, the better I am able to be what she wants me to be and make her happy, the happier we both are.  The more time and effort that she is willing to invest in providing and enforcing rules, the more that I feel she cares for me in ensuring that I am what pleases her.

I do not expect her to bring about rules that she does not enjoy monitoring or enforcing as this violates one of the principles of the relationship.

That being said, the stricter the rules and harsher the punishments, the deeper I fall into subspace and the more devoted, obedient, and loving I become.

3 thoughts on “41. 30 Days of submission: Day 9

  1. Besides what you’ve written about here, I like rules, structure, and such because they are ever evolving and changing. And, not to mention, they can be loads of fun.

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  2. Yes, Ms Dixie. Even if they do change, expectations are still clear, which in some ways counts as communication 🙂

    They can be fun as well, but I have a feeling we are looking at different sides of the coin.

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  3. I understand how having clear expectations can be a comfort, even if the outcome isn’t always comfortable. I never thought about it being a form of communication, but you’re right, it is.

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