Month: April 2017

Open-mindedness and Understanding

Recently I've read a slew of blog posts about people encouraging open-mindedness when it comes to kink-related topics because of the ongoing trend of closed-mindedness that frequently plagues BDSM communities.  This post isn't targeted at any one of those bloggers, mostly just some thoughts in general that have been inspired by thinking about this topic. … Continue reading Open-mindedness and Understanding


D/s vs. Codependency

There are times when I wonder if I'm actually codependent.  If you do a search for codependent or codependency it will spit out a great number of results that paint this as an emotional disorder.  Here are a few examples I copied/pasted from the search results: "Codependency is characterized by a person belonging to a … Continue reading D/s vs. Codependency

Click 2017 Part 2

I got asked privately to elaborate a bit more on what goes on internally when it comes to what I talked about in the post Revisiting Click. Basically, I believe that the differences between having a choice and no choice when it comes to obedience corresponds to different mental states and levels of subspace.  How … Continue reading Click 2017 Part 2

Revisiting “Click”: 2017 Edition

Years ago I remember making a post about how the clicking shut of a lock triggered a good bit of meaning to me.  Back then I remember my thoughts on it were mostly that it made me feel safe, protected, and valued (e.g. you put a lock on an expensive bike).  This pertained to what … Continue reading Revisiting “Click”: 2017 Edition