49. I Love Dominant Women (Especially the Bloggers)

I deleted four posts today because I didn’t care for the negative places my brain was taking me.  It’s a hard habit to shake as I seem to continuously uncover writings that upset me more often than writings that make me feel good about being submissive.

In the past few days I have come across a handful of writings that just make me feel proud to be a submissive.  To the dominant women that love submissive men, we love you back.

There aren’t many corners on the internet where submissive men can turn to find people that like us.  There aren’t many people that see our qualities and strengths.  The harsh judging eyes of the world often see us as weak, not “real” men, pushovers, deviants, and the like.  Dominant women are the one group that make us feel normal and proud.

As much as I might talk about the difficulty in approaching Dommes and the very high standards that are set for male subs, I don’t actually mind it.  I don’t see it as something to complain about.  I see it in a pragmatic way.  This is reality.  This is the challenge.  This is the mountain that we must climb.  This is the testament of effort and sacrifice… because it’s worth it.  If someone can’t handle this, do they deserve it?

Rising to the challenge of courting Dommes has kept me in a state of constant evolution and improvement.  They expect the best of me so I will be the best version of me.  “What you see is what you get” is death.  If she believes in me she will push me to be better tomorrow than I was today… every day… forever.  Can you picture just how great we can become if we never stop improving?

I love the thought of someone having so much faith in me that she would ask that of me.  It makes me the best I can be.

To all the dominant women out there, especially the bloggers, keep being the amazing people that you are.  You are truly inspiring.


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