66. What do people want to read?

So… since I started this blog up again I have to wonder because it’s starting to very closely resemble what happened during the previous attempt.  While I am grateful for people that take the time to read and like posts, I’m feeling really starved for comments.  I love hearing from people, I enjoy discussing topics and ideas and learning their points of view.

I haven’t found a way to get people to comment here even though it’s much less of a problem on the posts that are mirrored identically on my Blogger blog.  I don’t know if people don’t find what I write interesting enough or if they are seeking something else from what they read.  While people will frequently give the advice to “blog for you,” I do partly blog for me, but I mostly blog as a form of interacting with others.  It’s the difference between having a conversation or shouting the words out in the streets.

I do censor a bit of what I show here… mostly in that I try to contain the “Hey look, I’m bat-shit crazy” type posts that plague me from time to time but I have to wonder if people would rather read those.  It’s tough since I have no true “present tense” when it comes to D/s.  Everything is either in the past or theoretical/conceptual.  I know that doesn’t interest a lot of people, but I no longer have current “today I had cunnilingus and toast” type autobiographical Femdom lifestyle material to draw from.

I guess what I’m asking… is if you like what I write… please let me know what and why.  If you would rather read something else from me, what would that be?

These 30 Days posts are all completed and being posted with a scheduled time in advance, so they will continue to roll until completion.  Besides those, I really don’t mind catering to what people would want to read.

Any input would be appreciated.


15 thoughts on “66. What do people want to read?

  1. Good evening. When I read a blog post, I can appreciate a post without feeling compelled to comment. I am curious not only about opinions, but also for the experiences of others. Just be honest and let your blog be representative of who you are.

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    1. Thank you for the feedback, David.

      I go through similar things where I enjoy reading a lot but tend to only comment when I feel “connected” to what I read. I guess I’m struggling to find out what that is here.

      The WordPress and Blogger communities are vastly different in the authors and readers and how they interact. It’s something I’ve never quite figured out but the WordPress community seems to be a lot less judgmental so I guess I should probably be less worried about letting it all hang out.

      Take care.

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  2. I agree with David. My opinion is publishing whatever you’re burning to say is likely to be more compelling than what I (or most anyone else) suggests you produce. And if there’s no kinky action presently in your cay-t-day, then why not allow your fantasies out to play?

    You never know who might be reading….because It’s not always a such a sausage fest around here. Ha! (Apologies in advance to the ladies if you have a female readership I’m unaware of.)

    In short, do what you feel….

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    1. Thank you, Polthus.

      I tend to go through phases and blogging/writing is currently my hobby of choice. I consider myself a collector of perspectives… I love to learn about different points of view and ideas from all over the lifestyle, especially those that are different from me. Learning new things and understanding how others see the world brings great joy to me. A lot of the times it is those that inspire me to analyze ideas and explore them in words. It can be great fun when there is nothing inside of me that is clawing to get out.

      On the previous version of the blog I did post the first 8 chapters of an ongoing erotica story that I write and… they pretty much got no response. I kind of read that as an indicator of what people were not looking for, but I wouldn’t mind mirroring some of the stand-alone chapters that have more of a mass appeal like the Breakfast D/s fantasy I posted here a couple of weeks ago.

      The funny thing that you mention about the sausage fest is that on my Blogger blog, less than 5% of the comments I receive are from men. The rest are mostly Dominant women with a handful of comments from femsubs. I took that as a sign that the title and color scheme scared them off which is why I chose a much more neutral approach this time around.

      I will make an effort to ease out some of my crazy here but probably selectively at first 🙂

      Take care and thank you for the comment.

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      1. Thank Goddess I at least thought to apologize for my assumption before hitting send 🙂

        (Because actually looking around to a few comments takes actual effort, yanno? *facepalm*)

        I find writing effective erotica is effing hard. Or, at least, writing erotica that will appeal to other readers is hard. Writing stories that work for my own kink-fevered brain is pretty damn easy!

        Keep at it though. That you’re are compelled to write, and hopefully enjoy the process, is a blessing and a curse. So try to enjoy the blessing part 🙂

        As for what readers will judge you bout…I tend to shrug off such concerns, but you ain’t me, so I’ll not be prescriptive. But I ‘d like to cast my humble-little-vote-of-one to say, bring the crazy. Normal is boring!

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        1. Thank you, Polthus.

          Erotica is currently my escape and means of living vicariously. When I write I am able to channel an artificial subspace that is pleasant to reside in. Unfortunately, I am blocked from reaching said subspace when my depression kicks up or the home front inflicts emotional damage.

          If you are interested in checking it out, my erotica work is located here:

          The judgment part is a hard one to stomach. Being that I’m a minority I’ve already had my share of “your kind ain’t welcome here” experiences in my life. It stings even worse when you are in a community of people that are supposed to be open-minded. It took me about a month on Blogger to realize that most male subs were going to avoid publicly acknowledging me… which left me interacting almost exclusively with with Dommes, femsubs, and even male Doms. It was rather odd writing a advice on how to court a Dominant woman and getting zero feedback from submissive men on it.

          I will slowly roll out the crazy but probably do it in small chunks at first 🙂

          In case you were interested in reading it, my Tribute to K that I alluded to was part of this set of posts (Part 2): https://furcissy.blogspot.com/2016/05/reflections-complete-links-in-order-for.html

          Take care, and thank you for writing.

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  3. Just started following you and new to reading WordPress, so may not be very insightful or even relevant; suffice to say that I enjoy to read first person erotica, which reveals the psyche, senses and feelings of the person who is having interesting adventures in their lives. I’m more likely to provide feedback, comment, question or interact, to those types of posts. I also feel, that with a large number of people posting fake accounts of themselves, any type of photos from the author’s life would help to garner an interested following and grow a community around a blog…
    Just my 2 cents…And glad you’re posting

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    1. Thank you for the feedback, joe.

      I am an erotica author (although a newbie-ish one) with an ongoing work that is currently at 75 chapters and is over 600 pages long but is heavily colored by my own particular fetish set. It does have some stand-alone chapters that are better-suited for mass consumption that I may mirror here first and if they are well-received I will consider posting more of it.

      I will keep that in mind about the photos. I have posted a few of them in years past, but that was when the D/s dynamics were still active in my current relationship, before it devolved into the unhappy vanilla mess that it is now.

      Take care and I appreciate the feedback.

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  4. Well, hello. 🙂

    I see you have a second site…? Or is this mostly just mirroring?

    A couple things about WordPress:

    1. Use the “read more” feature in your draft settings and/or alter your feeds settings to only include a snippet. This makes it so people have to actually CLICK INTO your post to read/finish reading, and that will give you a much clearer idea about how much traffic you’re actually getting.

    2. People are more likely to ‘Like’ than comment, so if you’re getting Likes, consider that to be feedback about what people want to read.

    3. The average lifespan of a WP blogger is 6 months. (I know someone who legit researched this.) People who have been around longer are usually reluctant to interact until/unless your blog has been around a while. Probably because the social interaction is, on some level, an investment. And why invest in someone who is just going to leave?

    4. WP subscribers have the option to receive posts weekly or even monthly, so take that into consideration with your posting schedule. If someone is only getting post notifications once a week, and you’re posting three times a day, it can be overwhelming, and readers can feel like there’s no point in responding to something that’s “old” (i.e., 27 thoughts ago).

    If it’s community you’re seeking, your best bet is to get involved in some of the memes/prompts. I always view everyone’s responses to the ones I participate in (most other participants do as well), and often have enjoyable comment interactions based on that kind of focused engagement.

    I’ve heard Twitter is popular for socialization among sex bloggers as well, but I am not a twit(-er). So I can’t speak to that, really.

    My two cents. Or two dollars. For what it’s worth. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Mrs Fever, I see you found me here as well 🙂
      I really appreciate the feedback and taking the time to share this info.

      This is mostly just mirroring but there are some posts I do not mirror here and I do post a handful of unique posts here that I do not post on Blogger. I will occasionally re-post some older content here as well. I started on WP last year as an experiment to see if I would be able to get readers from a different demographic if it was under a more generic name and with a benign color scheme.

      I will have to do some digging to see how to alter feeds. I believe that the entire post shows up in feed readers even if people have to click to read when accessing the main blog page. I do 90% of my reading in the mobile app.

      Thankfully the likes do happen. I do definitely understand the time investment. Generally when I get rolling I try to invest in other blogs and hope to prove myself interesting enough for others to come and read. I still do try to do that when posts reach me on an emotional level.

      I will definitely do more digging into those prompts in the time before my 30 Days entries finally finish. When I go on writing booms like I have recently I tend to write more than people care to read 🙂 I feel myself hitting a wall though which is why I threw this post out there. In the past I have received some great suggestions that have led to inspiration as well as taking on topics people were interested in reading about.

      Take care and thank you very much for the input.


      1. From your dashboard, go to Settings –> Reading, and click the option to show post summary. This disallows the entire post to be shown in the Reader. Since WP doesn’t count Reader views (it also does not count post views from archival pages – it only counts direct link clicks as views), making this change will give you a more accurate idea of which pieces are most appealing to your readership.

        Hope that helps.

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