82. 30 Days of Kink: Day 25

How open are you about your kinks?

This depends a lot on the kinks and their perceived level of deviance.  There are certain things I will share freely and without hesitation.

Is anyone going to fault me for stating that I love pleasuring a woman?  Hell no.  I don’t live in some episode of the Sopranos where someone nearly gets killed for spreading a rumor that Jr. likes to go down on a woman.  Shit, I’d wear it on a T-shirt if people wouldn’t find it more offensive than endearing 😛

I’m open to the fact that I enjoy giving women massages.  I like cooking for them.  I like pampering them.  None of those are secrets to me.  I don’t care if they know that she wears the pants.

If someone asks, I don’t hesitate to tell them I am on bottom in sex nor that I enjoy sexual bondage play.  Most of these things are fairly normal activities for vanilla couples even.

The rest of it stays private.


2 thoughts on “82. 30 Days of Kink: Day 25

  1. Hmmm interesting post, I feel like if you say what you’re into without actually using terms that are used in the bdsm Community you’ll find that more people are into it. For example I can’t say oh by the way I’m into rape play but I can say oh I like really aggressive sex. If that makes any sense, but there are some things I have to keep to myself. There’s no way I can explain to my friends my love of needles… LOL 🙂 Believe me I have tried.

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    1. Thank you, Witty.

      There are a handful of them that go over fine without terms, eg “I enjoy pampering” goes over a lot better than “I crave thankless forced servitude.”

      A few of them actually sound quite a bit crazier when you try to explain them without their terms 🙂
      “I’m into consensual non-consent” sounds way more sane than “I get aroused by being forced to do things thatI truly do not want to do.”

      Good tip on needles 🙂

      Take care and thank you for the comments.

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