97. Any Chastity Device Input?

This post likely borders on the TMI side of things but unfortunately when it comes to chastity device questions that’s sort of par for the course…

Chastity is something that I’ve hoped to explore more of in the future.  The longest I’ve gone is about 4 days, not because of sexual control but due to problems resulting in poor device fit.  I have a CB-2000, CB-3000, CB-6000 and 6000s, and a houdini and none of these have been viable for long term wear for me.

A few things of note:  I am not circumcised and getting circumcised so that I can get a piercing isn’t really viable.  I have a “high and tight” scrotum.  Emphasis on tight.  I have a layer of baby fat on my pelvis that has never gone away no matter how good of shape I’ve been in.  This gives a layer of “padding” between the surface of the pelvis and the base of the penis.

Needless to say this makes “fit” an extreme challenge.  If I go with a larger ring a testicle will inevitably pull its way through the gap between cage and ring… and this process is about as pleasant as being stabbed in the eye with a soldering iron.  If I go with a small ring there is severe chafing and some circulation concerns… in addition to the testicle eventually pulling its way through.  (Shrieking in the bathroom at work is fun!)

About the only way I have found to avoid testicular pull through is to use a very small ring and very short spacer, but this causes other pains/concerns due to tightness/chafing.

As a reference point, unless I stretch the scrotum out using a CB-2000 or CB-3000’s rounded rings for a couple of weeks I can’t even get the wider rings of the CB-6000 on.

Does anyone have any tips for this?  Am I better with a smaller or larger ring?  Shorter or longer spacers?  Unless I can get this figured out I’m hesitant to want to explore other models that rely on a similar design.  e.g. everything I read about the Holy Trainer seems positive but having to spend $200+ trying to get rings to fit only to find out I will end up in the same boat isn’t really something I’m looking forward to.

Am I better off going with a silicon-based device like a Birdlocked?  Or are full belts the only viable option?

Any input would be much appreciated.



5 thoughts on “97. Any Chastity Device Input?

    1. A device is definitely not needed. When we have used them it has been for the purpose of adding a pleasurable dynamic that increases sexual energy and the desire to please her. I have a fairly low libido overall. One of the benefits we have had from them is that it increases my desire for sexual activity.

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  1. More than you ever wanted to know about every device imaginable can be found on Thumper’s blog: https://denyingthumper.com

    Use his search bar for specific devices or look for posts marked/tagged as “chastity nerdery” – he’s locked 90+ percent of the time and test drives devices, writes reviews, etc. Additionally, he writes “mailbag” posts occasionally, which answer readers’ specific questions.

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    1. Thank you, Mrs Fever. I have followed that blog for quite a while. I will have to dig into it more seriously. Based upon a few of the posts I have read there is actually a very high probability that they are a friend of an old RL friend of mine, which makes the world feel quite small.

      Take care.


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