Month: May 2017

Relationship Evolution and Plateaus

This post is a response to a question I was asked about some comments I left. I have written upon these subjects in the past quite a bit on my Blogger blog but I’m going to write about them again. All relationships change over time because the people involved in the relationships change. In D/s … Continue reading Relationship Evolution and Plateaus



I'd been sort of teetering on the edge of a mood plunge lately.  A balancing game that finally tipped in a bad way.  There was no one factor, just a combination of many that finally accumulated and now I feel like shit. I haven't felt like writing and not sure when I will.  I also … Continue reading Moods

Why isn’t there more writing about the mental aspects of D/s?

Why isn't there more writing about the mental aspects of D/s? I find this completely puzzling as there are often carefully crafted relationship dynamics in place with the goal of keeping a sub twisting in deep subspace and a Domme maintaining a heightened Domspace.  I find it fascinating how people manage to keep a sub … Continue reading Why isn’t there more writing about the mental aspects of D/s?

Random Perversions: New (to me) Bondage Gear

I haven't purchased any new gear but after hunting for a link to the "How may I help you?" gag I ended up finding the primary site of the company that makes them, Scott Paul Designs. I had remembered that the gag wasn't of the locking variety so it wasn't as interesting as it could … Continue reading Random Perversions: New (to me) Bondage Gear

SPH: Tee Ball for Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) is a fascinating topic to me because of how blown out of proportion penis insecurity is. At its core fall two basic principles: Your penis size is inadequate to the point for you to exercise sexual proficiency. Other people will shame you if they see it. I tend to ignore #2 … Continue reading SPH: Tee Ball for Humiliation