110. Domestic Service: Adulting for Two

Yesterday’s post on An Expectation of Service was inspired by a conversation with a Domme friend and it got a bit twisted up as I ended up covering why I recommend every single sub to be willing to perform domestic service as well as the way that I fetishize it in my own head.  I went ahead and hit publish even though I wasn’t particularly happy with how it turned out because I figured it was better to hit publish than delete the draft.

After mulling over what I wrote I realize that I missed probably the most important point.  That is, if anything, for this reason alone, all subs should be willing to perform domestic service on at least a basic to moderate level.

Domestic service is just adulting.

If you have lived alone you have had to take care of your own laundry, cleaning, cooking, and chores.  It goes with the territory known as “survival” and “not being a disgusting slob.”  Assuming you are single and wish to eventually not be single, having these skills go a long ways in attracting a life partner.

The crucial differences between living alone and domestic service are:

  1. You are now doing those things for two people.
  2. The frequency and thoroughness with which you perform said chores are no longer up to you.  If she holds a higher standard than you do, it’s probably closer to the way things “should” be.

I know this isn’t romantic or kinky in any way, but it’s just sort of how things are.

Honestly, I suck at writing about this topic so I will likely try to avoid it in the future.


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