Month: July 2017

138. It made sense upon reflection

A handful of discussions over the past couple of weeks as well as a blog post that got me thinking about my submission and how I have come to understand and explain it over the years. Submission has become such a large part of who I am, what drives me, how I express love, how … Continue reading 138. It made sense upon reflection

137. Experimenting with Hypnosis

I've never been the type that has been able to be hypnotized. That being said I'm sick of my brain feeling blocked and I have a friend currently delving into hypnosis so they have whipped up some audio training to try and help me out. The idea we are going for is to instill a … Continue reading 137. Experimenting with Hypnosis

136. I love you so much that I ______.

I know that not all D/s practitioners are in loving relationships but many of us are.  I believe that submission encapsulates a large number of things, some of which match our desires completely and others which may carry a series of conditions or some reluctance and hesitation. I have come across and experienced varying points … Continue reading 136. I love you so much that I ______.

135. Sardax’s Venus in Furs

A big thanks to Vanessa at Queening Chairs for reminding me that I still hadn't purchased Sardax's Venus in Furs book.  Sardax is my favorite fetish artist of all time and served as one of my gateways into the realm of Femdom when I first stumbled upon his artwork circa 1997.  While his pay site … Continue reading 135. Sardax’s Venus in Furs

134. The Need for Mental Spaces

It has taken quite a while but I'm finally starting to crack the fundamental differences in point of view that has caused me quite a few communication difficulties over the years. The main difficulty seems to be with the view of submission. It is very common for me to read the view that submission should … Continue reading 134. The Need for Mental Spaces