171. Forced Masculinization

Over the years I have often found it difficult when trying to discuss the concepts of forced feminization and related humiliation with women.  It is a topic that can be difficult for them to empathize with because there isn’t really an apples to apples comparison that they can envision.  Forced masculinization is something I had touched on jokingly in years past but I had never really taken it seriously enough to explore it.  Some comments on one of Domina Jen’s recent posts got me thinking about it more over the past week or so.  While it doesn’t provide a comparison, I think it does provide some insights.

I will write about this as if it actually exists… even though it doesn’t.

Forced masculinization is when a dominant controls the physical appearance a female submissive.  There are frequent rules governing the appearance of the sub, intending to strip her of her femininity and make her appear with more male/masculine characteristics.

Some common rules:

  • The sub is not permitted to wear panties, briefs, or thongs. The sub may only wear boxers or boxer briefs.
  • The sub must keep her hair cut short with the permitted length determined by the dominant.
  • The sub must always wear a sports bra or similarly restrictive undergarment to limit breast prominence.
  • The sub is not permitted to wear skirts or dresses.  The sub may only wear pants or appropriate length shorts.
  • The sub is not permitted to wear makeup or paint their nails.  Nails must be kept trimmed short.
  • The sub is not permitted to shave their leg or armpit hair.
  • The sub is not permitted to wear high-heeled shoes or boots.
  • The sub must refer to their clitoris as their “butch dickie.”

Some common applications:

  • Frequently a dominant to dress their masculinized sub in a tuxedo and force them to serve as a butler.
  • Some dominants will take their sub out to popular male clothing stores and with assistance in their fitting by a sales associate, with the obvious intent that the clothes are meant for her.
  • Some dominants will show off their masculinized sub to their dominant friends, encouraging them to make comments about how handsome she looks.
  • Some dominants will force their sub to engage in bisexual activities, frequently ordering them to go down on another woman.
  • It is common for a dominant to call their sub by a masculine form of their name.  e.g. Erika becomes Erik, Stephanie becomes Stephen, Alexis becomes Alex, and so on.
  • Some dominants will limit the sub’s permissible physical contact to firm handshakes, high-fives, fist bumps, and bro hugs.

If you are like me, you have read this and found the idea relatively amusing.  I went to a small liberal arts college for a couple of years and the rules above described at least 25% of the female student population (who were doing it by choice).  Aside from the possibility of forced oral, I have to wager that most women would not be horribly humiliated by this.  They might not LIKE it, but if they were taken out for a day in a highly populated area, they wouldn’t end up in tears or blushing so profusely that functioning would be a struggle.  They also wouldn’t have to be afraid of the threat of physical violence if they encountered a “gang” of women hanging out.

I do have a feeling that many women would dislike being masculinized.  One aspect is that some women have a lot of their confidence tied to their physical appearance and feeling attractive.  This would probably take away some confidence by making them less attractive.  Another aspect, and probably the more important one, is the concept of choice.  If a woman chooses to skip on make-up, skip shaving, sport a low-maintenance haircut, and go with pants, a sweatshirt, and flat shoes for the day, that is her choice to do so.  By requiring that, the freedom of choice vanishes and it makes the same options less appealing when you feel trapped by them.  If a woman were to gain submissive feelings from such an arrangement, I would have to believe it is mostly because of the removal of choice and the control it symbolizes.

(This differs a bit for men and forced feminization.  Domina Jen recently wrote about how a man’s masculinity plays heavily into their identity so stripping them of it will often feel humiliating and degrading.  I agree although I would add that if you are male and were raised with frequent exposure to your peer group, developing this identity becomes almost a necessary part of your survival during formative years and often taints how we see ourselves as adults.  On the second front, I believe that freedom of choice also plays a very large part in this.)

So why don’t people choose to do this?  I have known male dominants, heterosexual female dominants that take on women subs, bisexual female dominants, and lesbian female dominants and none of them that I have known have ever chosen to engage in this activity.  One aspect is that it doesn’t induce the same level of shame as it does when feminizing a male, so a dominant wishing to humiliate their sub can find more effective ways to do so.  Another aspect is that I have never met a woman that had this for a fetish.  While I have met a good number who have had forced bi fantasies, they didn’t involve any gender reversal on their part.  I have also yet to meet a submissive woman with a “butch butler” fantasy.  The absence of the fantasy makes it less likely to happen.

The last reason I can think of is the differences in what people find attractive across the genders.  Men and frequently women, tend to find the female form to be visually appealing.  In the lifestyle you are more likely to find dominants having their subs dress (or not dress) in ways that they find MORE appealing, and not less appealing.

By contrast, when you see photos or accounts posted of feminized males, there tend to be two types.  1. Slender and soft featured men that can be quite passable as a woman.  2.  The hairy and sometimes overweight older guy that looks pretty awful en femme.  In general, you don’t see the chiseled and handsome Adonis of a man decked out in a maid’s dress.  Women tend to be attracted to different things, but it seems that feminization seems to be most common in situations where it either makes the male look more pretty or completely terrible.  When completely terrible is the choice I have to believe this provides an amusement factor that provides the motivation for doing so.  I could be wrong here, but this is what I have gathered over the years.

Unfortunately this example doesn’t really give any insight into curious women as to the humiliation of men that are feminized.  The control/forced aspects probably appeal to submission for both sides, but little beyond that.

In general, when I have tried to explain a scenario that a submissive woman could picture with similar levels of embarrassment to a feminized male, the best example I could come up with (assuming that the woman generally dresses in an “ordinary” way) is to dress like how they would picture a street-walking hooker (not an upscale Charlie Sheen-catering hooker), or like a total bimbette.  This frequently gives “enough” insight into what it would be like, but it still doesn’t cover the entire spectrum of emotions.

I’m open to input on the subject if anyone has any ideas that contrast, conflict, or elaborate upon mine.

15 thoughts on “171. Forced Masculinization

  1. Sayyid made me wear his underwear one day last week under my clothes to work as a way to keep him on my mind all day. I hated. So uncomfortable and so not sexy.

    When I get home he asked how it felt. I said it would make a good punishment.

    I know this doesn’t really relate to what you were saying in your post but it reminded me of it.

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    1. Thank you, SG. This actually relates perfectly to my post and illustrates its points quite well 🙂

      Having them feel unattractive was something I anticipated. The discomfort I didn’t mention here but did in a post last week when I wrote about gender.

      In the past I have experienced being forced to wear panties under my clothes and this is common in the F/m community as a control dynamic even when forced fem is not used.

      I would guess that you did not experience any terror, like when using the restroom, where you might be discovered and subsequently ostracized because of it.

      Thank you very much for sharing.

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        1. Things do bunch up, especially when you have a fleshy mass of variable size and length hanging out down there with no place to go 🙂

          It is another case where women’s clothing is designed for more than just covering the genitals from view.

          That being said, I am glad that you shared your experience. My ex used to do a lot of “unseen” things, like painting my toe nails or having me wear 2 pairs of socks or underwear (men’s on the outside) to keep me uncomfortable out of fear. It seems there are some critical differences in how the genders would experience this.

          Take care.

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    1. Thank you for sharing. I have heard before of female subs being ordered to wear certain types of underwear but this is the first time I have heard of a woman experiencing it in this way 🙂


  2. I believe it’s because our culture still sees women as weaker than men. Forced feminization makes men appear weaker. Forced masculization makes women appear stronger. Thus one is humiliating and the other is not. In fact, being allowed to wear pants in public was one of the first major empowerments of the feminist movement. My mom still remembers being sent home for wearing jeans to school.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this.

      Forced feminization tends to be a hot button topic in the F/m community with very diverse sets of reasons and justifications both for and against it.

      I can definitely see how people would take that stance. I also see where people would view the control aspects as being the focal point (eg. Losing the freedom of choice to pick what you would wear).

      I tend to view women as stronger as a whole. They have a more complicated set of standards and ideals to contend with but still manage to embrace the full spectrum of emotions and behaviors. I guess this may differ from society’s view as a whole but I always resented having to conform to the male herd dynamics in order to avoid being attacked.

      Thankfully many of the institutionalized forms of gender repression are fading away quite quickly, although there are those that still remain.

      Take care.

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  3. I am a strange person, apparently, as I actually find this idea appealing as a kink. It definitely wouldn’t carry a lot of the same humiliation effect, but there is a sort of appeal to me. There are plenty of kinks out there that lead to the Dom/me choosing outfits for the submissive, even some where names are taken away and new ones given (or for a time, none at all.)

    While in society today the humiliation aspect might be limited to discomfort at wearing unfamiliar feeling clothing and perhaps concern of whether those watching can easily tell what is happening (say, if the masculinized partner was brought to a munch and introduced by a masculine name/pronoun) the control aspect would be lovely and appealing. As for what else might result from it, I can’t say, having never had a partner into the idea, and not having seen the idea much anywhere.

    I’m aware this is an old post, but I did go searching out of curiosity to see if anyone out there in particular shared this desire and curiosity of mine. It’s not an unheard of idea, but seems to be exceedingly rare.

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    1. Thank you, BN. Somehow this comment went into my spam comments.

      It seems that you enjoy certain elements of psychological control that a lot of people tend to overlook. I enjoy those similar elements. With forced masculinization I believe another of the powerful aspects of it would be that the sub has to do something they do not want to do. Adding things like a masculine name would be a constant reminder of that.

      I have had a few private discussions about this since writing this post and one thing that was brought to my attention is that women who have experienced forced masculinization have usually done so in an abusive environment. e.g. they had an authority figure in their youth decide the easiest way to make sure they weren’t going to get impregnated was to dress them in boy’s clothes, shave their head, prohibit them from wearing makeup, etc. In two of these cases this was what followed after being raped and the rape was blamed upon them for sending signals and dressing provocatively. I have to believe it is this kind of trauma that keeps subs who have experienced it from fetishizing it in any way and it can be a landmine topic.

      I do think this holds potential value as a control dynamic in M/f, but it would probably have to be with a sub that is okay with going deep into mental space and a dominant that enjoys their mental anguish more than their feminine appearance (at least in small doses).

      Take care.


  4. Came across your blog while looking for erotica on masculinization of females. I am very much into this fetish. I am a lesbian with a partner. We are both into masculinization of each other as a part of our gender play. As such it is always consensual.

    We engage in a lot of the rules you outline above, but it goes a bit further in to ‘becoming’ gay men. As such we like to wear leather harnesses (with beater-shirts and our breasts bound down), jockstrap and gay male fetish underwear – like stuff from Andrew Christian (look them up on the web). We also wear packers in our the underwear with and with harnesses. Sex is ‘gay male’ in nature. Nothing vaginal, but a lot of sucking of each other’s packers as well as anal sex.

    We have engaged in this with a sub we picked up one night — did a masculine makeover as punishment.

    I wrote a story about it … https://www.literotica.com/s/her-crewcut-and-masculinization

    Hope you like it!

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    1. Thank you very much for sharing. This is the first time I have heard of this as being something of continuing interest. I will definitely keep that in mind going forward.

      I will try to read the story when I free up tomorrow. Thank you, again.


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