196. I feel so very lucky

The past few days have made me feel so very lucky to be here.  I have made a number of new friends.  I have shared in deep personal conversations with some of them.  I have been able to help when I can.  I feel appreciated by them.

This is the blogging experience that I feel like I had always hoped for but it had always eluded me.  It is here.  It is now.  I am basking in the warmth of it.

Thank you.  I am so very lucky to be here.


7 thoughts on “196. I feel so very lucky

  1. Hello Fur. Just roaming back and forth through some of your old posts which I must have missed. I focussed mostly on your Blogger blog back in 2017. I’d like to add a late comment to the post above (better late than never, as the saying goes). You wrote: ‘I feel so very lucky’ on 22nd of October 2017 and I hope (and wish you for future) you are still feel the same on 8th of March 2018. By your honest, deep and well-thought writing you created a mini cosmos of Dommes, subs and undecided alike who orbit like a planets (big and small, and asteroids) around your sun. I’m glad I’m a part of this cosmos too (I’m a small asteroid I guess). Keep attracting and we’ll keep orbiting.

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    1. Thank you, Peter. I only posted this on WordPress as it was due to the community that I was starting to finally feel a part of, while blogger was starting to feel barren. I am happy that it has happened.


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