Thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance

Another topic I have been covering in some private discussions lately is the idea of cognitive dissonance.

In its basic form, cognitive dissonance is mental anguish you experience when your brain battles itself.  In D/s, it frequently occurs in humiliation, when an act or verbal statement makes you feel something is true, but wish that it was not true.  This happens quite frequently as well when you get aroused at the act or idea of something that you don’t want to be aroused from.  It can also occur when verbal reinforcement, symbolic response, or environmental responses arouse you during an unpleasant act.

Instigating cognitive dissonance is the most effective and powerful means of manipulating my submissive mental space.  It causes my mind to spiral out of control and I find myself plunged into the abyss… where I feel like I can only love and submit.

There is a term for when a dominant uses this technique and it is known as mind-fucking.  Mind-fucking is a very advanced technique but it’s tricky because it can rarely be taught.  In most cases, the people that use it developed the ability naturally and they simply put it to use.  They can see people’s insecurities, know how to expose them, and take pleasure in watching someone squirm, writhe, and get turned on, leading to a mildly confused and deeply submissive state.

It’s rather glorious.


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