Month: November 2017

History, Humor, Stuff

I launched this version of the blog back on March 6th, 2017.  This is post #246.  I write a lot. One of the things that has always bothered me about the way that I write is that only two parts of me seem to come through in my writing:  1.  The teacher.  2.  The submissive.  … Continue reading History, Humor, Stuff



    So... I had meant to keep certain parts of my submission separate from this blog as it just doesn't hold a lot of appeal to the majority of my readers.  I went ahead and created a separate blog to house it on, which I have been neglecting.  I had to meant to make … Continue reading Blerg

Mindfucking – Revised

Missy made some comments on my last post that made me realize that my definitions given in it were indeed lacking.  I had tunnel-visioned a bit on its humiliation aspects and missed another side of it entirely.  Later I will go back and make notes on that post about its incompleteness and hopefully represent it … Continue reading Mindfucking – Revised