223. Thoughts on the Bum

I’ve met a lot of people recently that just love to be plugged.  I find this oddly curious as it is something I hate.  To the best of my knowledge, I have known there was a small percentage of women who love anal, a large percentage of women who hate anal, and I had always guessed, another percentage of women who claim to hate anal but secretly actually love it.

The majority that love plugs or being taken anally tend to reference that they enjoy it because it’s humiliating.  This says to me that they have come to terms with desiring something because of how it makes them feel.  I still get hung up on things like these… especially when it comes to the bum.

I’m not sure where the mental hurdle or the PTSD reactions come from within me.  I haven’t been raped or molested in that way.  I’m not homophobic.  I actually think that pegging can be beautifully intimate… for other people.  I have to wonder if this stems back to when I was first taught that I was allowed to have limits.  Everything was spinning around in my brain at blinding speeds that when it came to the topic of anal and I felt my sphincter pucker, I instinctively said, “oh, hell no,” and jotted it down on my list of hard limits.

To those who dislike any form of anal play but managed to desire it openly because of what it does to their submissive mental space, I salute you.  You are a braver and more evolved person than I am.


25 thoughts on “223. Thoughts on the Bum

  1. I used to hate anal… but that’s probably because the first time I did it there was no lubricant at all… I have made progress though, the most recent time I did it I didn’t feel like I was pooping backwards! It actually felt… All right! Lol

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    1. Pooping backwards is an interesting way of describing it 🙂

      Any time something is up there I end up a sobbing broken mess. But it manages to trigger a major submissive mental space for me. I am not able to say that I like it… but who knows?

      Take care.

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  2. I must say, I have a love/hate relationship with plugs…. I hate when Daddy puts it in…humiliating, degrading, uncomfortable, far too intimate in that particular area…but, I do love what it does for us. Having your bum violated in that way clearly demonstrates who is in charge, and who is not.

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    1. Thank you, Nora. You respond more to the symbolism than the act and it seems you are able to keep that divided. I find it fascinating when people are able to “overlap” in theirs, although I guess in some cases they have probably managed to fetishize it.

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  3. Personally I like it, whether it is digitally (finger) or small (read small) plug. My second wife and I used a strap-on once, but it was too big and it hurt too much to enjoy it. I am not gay nor do I want to get it from another man, but a woman with a small (read small) strap-on would be OK. PLENTY of lube.

    My first wife loved LOVED anal. We started shortly after we were married and it became routine. For me giving anal is definitely a different felling. The muscles have a different feel around me.

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  4. I don’t like plugs except for the submissive feelings they create. They are annoying at best.

    “The majority that love plugs or being taken anally tend to reference that they enjoy it because it’s humiliating.”
    Wellll it actually feels good. Like physically. The nerves in the anus are also affiliated with the clitoris. So anal sex indirectly stimulates the clit -hence anal Os. Yay for anal Os!

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  5. I have a hate/dislike relationship with plugging and a deeply-dislike/hate one with anal sex. The former is uncomfortable. The latter is intensely uncomfortable at best, painful at worst. So far I haven’t been able to find any enjoyment in any type of anal penetration. I keep hoping though. I want to enjoy it, but so far I can’t.

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      1. Hm. I submit to it even though I dislike it so much, but it doesn’t make me feel more submissive. I find it difficult to concentrate on anything other than how awful the sensation is. Whenever we engage in it, Fiance always makes sure to praise me because he knows how difficult I find it.

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  6. I have a very pretty plug – it’s purple with a sparkling jewel on. MrH and I picked it together. It’s not too big but I love the idea that my bum sparkles!!

    I am one of those ladies who loves everything- as long as MrH is doing it. I want him to possess me and claim me in every way.

    I will say that an ‘O’ with a plug in brings a new level to the sensations and we have a vibrating plug that we have yet to try 😜

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  7. Maybe I’m odd, but alongside the fact that it is deeply intimate because it’s such a vulnerable act, it feels fucking fantastic! Lol. I’m hard wired to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing, it’s not a topic many speak about.

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