241. Mindfucking – Revised

Missy made some comments on my last post that made me realize that my definitions given in it were indeed lacking.  I had tunnel-visioned a bit on its humiliation aspects and missed another side of it entirely.  Later I will go back and make notes on that post about its incompleteness and hopefully represent it better here.

I’m not the type to delete posts, but I am the type that doesn’t mind admitting when they have been wrong.

I painted the wrong type of picture in that last post as ideas got crossed up in my brain and what seemed like it made sense ended up missing the boat a bit.  I will try to cover it as clearly as possible.

Mindfucking is virtual.  It is the act of triggering feelings based upon fear.

You can mindfuck in varying ways including but not limited to:

  • Fear of humiliation or embarrassment.
  • Fear of pain.
  • Fear of an unpleasant outcome.
  • Fear of an undesirable act.

Wielding it requires convincing the sub that they will be forced to experience something and the thought or anticipation of it brings them anxiety and/or anguish.

I have seen mindfucking be done in multiple ways.

  1. The sub is informed of what will happen and it never comes to be.
  2. The sub is informed of what will happen and then something else happens in its place.
  3. The sub is informed of what will happen, allowed to stew, and then have it actually happen.

An example of #1 could be slars being told she would be forced to wear a llama suit out in public and then having it not happen (as I mentioned in the last post).  Missy also provided an example of being told that a punishment would be carried out with a very harsh instrument and then having it not happen.  In these cases there was never the intent to actually do them and the focus was upon the fear and anticipation.

An example of #2 could be telling a sub that a very huge anal plug was going to be inserted into them but then when out of view switching it for a smaller plug without telling them so they don’t know what is going inside of them.  Another example was done by my blogging friend Miss Lily who would wheel out a cart with a brand and a torch and tell them they were going to be branded.  She would then blindfold them, activate the torch for a bit and then press into their skin with a piece of metal that had been in the freezer.  The body’s initial reaction struggles to differentiate heat vs. cold and they think they are being branded but in actuality are not.

#3 doesn’t really require examples but the sub being informed of the intent is meant to increase their level of anguish leading up to it.

While these activities can be fun for both parties, pushing the sub too hard with the mindfuck can also lead to unintended negative results.

7 thoughts on “241. Mindfucking – Revised

  1. Thank you furcissy for adding to what you had originally said. Even though what I commented prompted you to feel that you should add to it, it was good for me as it had already led me to view mindfucks in a different way. They were something that I felt I didn’t not want to do and had written off as ‘not my thing’ but I see now that the type has to fit and actually I would really love HL to play with me in this way. Thank you for clarifying for me and for taking the time to post again about it 😊

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    1. Thank you, Missy.
      I hate my writing to feel incomplete hehe. I complain about guides being that way enough that when I make what is supposed to be an educational post I feel I should be thorough 🙂

      Humiliation mindfucks have always been a large part of every dynamic I have been in and most physical acts were never threatened but carried out… so I sometimes lose sight of the other aspects.

      I am glad that you found a way to see something in an expanded light though.

      Take care, and thank you for questioning it 🙂

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  2. I’d always considered mindfucks and emotional sadomasochism to be degrading and sick, prior to your previous posts on the subjects. I think I had such negative connotations with the terms due to discussions and posts on FetLife previously. They seemed malicious, but with a newer perspective (and experience), I have a better understanding. This is largely due to your information, which has been hugely beneficial. Thank you for these posts!

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