252. November Chastity Failings

So I gave the HT V2 knockoff another chance with the 50mm ring and paid specific attention to lubrication and equilibrium placement… and I ended up having a nut pull through.  This wouldn’t be as big of an issue if “pulling through” meant it went through cleanly.  Unfortunately, for those who have had that happen, it means it got crushed and deformed and painfully yanked through an opening it wasn’t meant to fit through.  High and tight strikes again.

I tried both that and another device I have with a 45mm ring.  I spent a lot of time attempting to fix the bunching issue again with more lubing.  I was able to last 12 hours before I woke up to searing pain and the next day was experiencing signs of slight bruising and early pressure sore formation.  So… I’m pretty convinced that ring is too small.

As there isn’t a 47-48mm ring to try, I’m pretty much looking at pain and discomfort no matter what, it’s just a choice of which type of pain.

Nothing I have is looking like a viable long-term option and I’m scared to invest more money down the chastity hole.  On the upside, at least this one was under $30.


16 thoughts on “252. November Chastity Failings

    1. I’m not all that mechanically inclined. I can rewire a circuit board though 😀

      There are companies that offer custom sizing but they are really expensive… and I have tried like 15 devices and never had one that was comfortable for long-term use… which makes me wonder if there actually exists one that would work for me, even with custom sizing.
      It sucks hehe.

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    1. Thank you slars. They are out there. The popular shops will do custom measurements and you can send them back to be adjusted as needed. The problem is they are quite expensive ($200+) and that is a rather hefty investment seeing as I am uncertain if anything is going to fit correctly. Take care.


  1. I wrapped the ring with a bit of plastimake on my metal HT2 to narrow it by a few mm to make it a bit more snug. works perfectly and you can make it whatever shape you need to sort out your fit issues.

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    1. Thank you, Charlie. I will keep that in mind as a possible solution. I am waiting for two more inexpensive steel devices to arrive. If I run into similar issues I may have to look into that as a possible solution.
      Take care.


  2. Have you checked out https://www.shapeways.com/shops/pedro69 ? HD saw your post and made this suggestion. He also said that he hasn’t tried the current version, only the X3. He is able to wear his for shorter periods comfortably, but after a while the ring starts to chafe. He’s hoping the new version has addressed the chafing issue. It’s a little more expensive but much more customizable than other varieties. Also, he mentioned polishing the plastic reduces chafing.

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