Month: December 2017

275. Shifts in Fantasy

When my depression sets in I usually find myself blocked from accessing and maintaining the submissive mental space that I hold so dear.  I can catch glimpses of it but the moments are fleeting and I cannot grab on and ride the feelings for any amount of time.  Something else I notice is that to … Continue reading 275. Shifts in Fantasy

274. Failing

When I felt the depression creeping in I told myself that I would stay active.  I would stay in touch.  I would keep writing.  I would keep chatting.  I would keep reading.  I would keep leaving comments. Unfortunately I am not doing well with any of these original goals.  I feel like I am falling … Continue reading 274. Failing

273. Thoughts on “submission as a gift” and leverage

Over the years I have often heard the phrase "submission is a gift," usually accompanied by a statement about how it should be "given freely."  The idea that submission carries with it worth and is something special is very romantic.  I consider this a noble sentiment that would hold true in a perfect world.   However, … Continue reading 273. Thoughts on “submission as a gift” and leverage

272. December Chastity Failings 2017

Well, after several more attempts at devices (read as: money thrown away) I am on the verge of giving up with what is available at my disposal.  The base ring size is giving me the most trouble.  50mm is too large.  45mm is too small.  At the recommendation of a reader I purchased some of … Continue reading 272. December Chastity Failings 2017

271. Thoughts on Dominance, Personality, and Domspace

I have been thinking a bit more about this lately as I am now facing the prospect of having to start my life over yet again. A while ago I wrote about submissive mental space and about how that serves as the dividing line for many people that separates their submissive persona from their vanilla … Continue reading 271. Thoughts on Dominance, Personality, and Domspace