260. Reflecting on my spaces

As I have recently come to accept that I do have a submissive little space I am starting to find where the dividing lines fall between my normal submissive mental space and my submissive little space.

The submissive personas that surface within each of them are rather different.  The triggers that get them there are very different as well.

My “adult” submissive responds to a demanding personality, a woman with confidence, expectations of service, bondage, a woman in fur, rituals that symbolize status and respect, and the like.

My little submissive responds mostly to shame, humiliation, ridicule, forced dressing, and ultra-strict behavioral expectations.

While both spaces feel submissive, my personality within each of them varies greatly.  They also feel very different when I get pushed into deeper space.  My adult sub tends to feel less value and worth as it goes deeper.  My little sub tends to feel more neurotic, desperate, and afraid as it goes deeper.

I’m not sure which is best suited for long-term submission as this differentiation is still new to me.

13 thoughts on “260. Reflecting on my spaces

  1. Perhaps a blend of both? I don’t see how you could really eliminate one or the other. I’m sure you could subdue or otherwise limit one, but as they are both aspects of you and your submission, they will both be present.

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  2. I think they are both suited for long-term submission and you wouldn’t have to choose. They are both a part of you and what makes you, you.

    From what I’ve read and heard about from others, many submissives have more than one type and they go from one to the other depending on mood, triggers, etc. I say have fun exploring!

    PS which one tends to hide, whimper and cry more? that one is fun to mess with! hehe

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  3. we’re all multi dimensional beings – I actually identify with both of your definitions to some extent – although I’d say parts of both are more ‘kink’ (bondage, dressing, forced etc) and the others are more submission related (service, respect, strict behaviour expectations and being told off etc) .. I wouldn’t sweat it too much – enjoy your unique blend and have fun with it 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I don’t really split kink vs. submission because I see submission as any aspect in which you relinquish control and kink as any non-traditionally sexual act or dynamic that leads to arousal. In my case most things would fall into both of those definitions.


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