270. Forgive me if I am slow…

As a blogger I value all of my interactions with people.  As a rule I try to respond in some way to every comment unless a “like” is a sufficient closure point in the chain.  My energy pretty much left me this weekend and the events from yesterday have me feeling very off-balance and confused emotionally.

As such, I apologize for not responding to comments in as timely a fashion as many may be accustomed to.  I will make time to respond, it just may be a day late.

Also, I keep up on blogs and try to leave comments when I can.  I have been bad about this lately as well and I’m sorry.  I just haven’t had the energy unless it’s something where I can definitely chime in and help someone.  I know people would like comments more than just “likes,” but it may be a while before I get back to the level that people may have been accustomed to from me.




14 thoughts on “270. Forgive me if I am slow…

  1. No need to apologize! You have every right to take time to yourself and be a bit slower than you usually are. You are going through something difficult at the moment, and you need take care of yourself. If that means being slow to comment or not comment at all, it’s understandable.
    Take as much time as you need. I am sure I speak for the others when I say we understand completely. We’ve all been there and some of us are still there. (I know there are days when I just can’t muster the energy to put fingers to keys.) Take your time, and don’t forget to be good to yourself. Do the things that give you the most comfort; read your favorite book, make your favorite meal, watch your favorite program.

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  2. You’re still reaching out online … That’s a big achievement… When the shit hits the fan you can stay upright and get covered in it or be sensible and dive for cover …

    I always advocate the duck and cover technique as very few people really want to be covered in shit…

    So as HH & SG have said… There isn’t anything wrong with taking time for yourself, your fellow subbies will be understanding and here to listen 🤗🤗

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    1. Thank you, SwG.
      If anything, I am resilient. There was so little of the band-aid left that it was more of a final little sting to tear the last of it off. I am hoping to rebound from this quickly.


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