342. And the mood lightens…

Thank you, everyone for being supportive today.  I was stuck in a loop of negative emotions.  I think that being the first Valentine’s day in a while without any type of plans was partially responsible.  I also know that I had a lot of tension built up over other things.  Add the car repair from last week, mania crash, and not enough sleep into the mix and it was just the perfect storm of shit.  Normally I would just go dark for a few days and retreat while I distract myself with something but today I tried to write through it instead.


8 thoughts on “342. And the mood lightens…

  1. Hello Fur,
    I clicked on related post (the midle one ” Party On, Wayne” na I went a bit confrontatinal (to say the least). I must have missed this gentleman comment on Blogger, so I read it just now and ….. you se the result. My anger was fully justified but I shouldn’t fire such a big canon with my words. My apologies to you, as a host of this blog and to other noble readers.

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    1. Thank you, Peter. It is fine to do that. It made me smile to read it. That post is quite old now and with WordPress it is a lot more difficult to access older content than it was on Blogger so it won’t be very visible. No need to apologize. Take care.


  2. Usually I don’t swear or curse as I see it as not gentlemanly. In the rare ocassion I would rather slap somebody’s face then use cheap dive language. Thanks to the Big Pond we avoided bloodshed (lol).

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    1. 🙂
      I swear quite a bit but I try to limit it in my writing. I try to tell people that it isn’t due to lack of vocabulary but it often most accurately describes the feelings I am trying to express 🙂


  3. No one doubts in your large vocabulary, Fur. And I know that swearing often helps to make a point(s). It’s like exclamation mark (!),( lol) or Latin (sic!). But there is always a way to avoid it, especially in writing.
    Having said that I must admit that I also use some ‘swear words’ while in the fever of nervousness but latter I regret it.

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