346. Attraction

I have never really been the type of person that experienced lust.  I don’t react visually and desire someone.  It has never been this way for me and it used to torment me quite a lot that I was different.

While I appreciate the female form, it is not what draws me to a woman.  I am drawn in by the aura.  I am drawn in by something gentle and sensuous about them.  It makes me intrigued.  It makes me trust.

I pine for connection.  I pine for intimacy.  I pine for the happiness of knowing that in this moment of being close to someone, there is nowhere that I would rather be.

I am drawn to women with defined edges.  There is a certain beauty in self-knowledge and motivated desire that is difficult to describe.  I am drawn to a woman that knows what she wants. I appreciate the definition of the edges, even when they are jagged.

Even with jagged edges, the woman that draws me in still holds the gentleness in her heart.

When I am with the woman who chooses me, it changes.  I find her irresistible.  I want her more than anything.  She is the most beautiful thing in the entire world… and I know it.  Only then does lust show its face.  Only then do the fiery desires rush in.  I want her more than anything… the woman that I love.

My attraction unearths my truest form.  I will do anything for her.  I will do everything for her.  I want so badly to touch her and for her to touch me… the way that she has touched my heart.  This is my passion.  It makes me out of control.  I cannot resist, nor do I try to.

I don’t see this as carnal pleasure.  I see this as… life… as I want to live it.

I sit here, longing to be with the one that I love.  I pine for her.  I ache for her.  I suffer because I cannot express my love in the way that I want. You are my everything.


11 thoughts on “346. Attraction

  1. This precisely! I completely understand and agree with you. While I have always known I was attracted to men in general, I never felt that kind of lust or attraction to a single man. It takes an emotional connection for me to feel passion.

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again: the woman who earns you will win quite the prize and be incredibly lucky. People like you who devote their entire beings to their partners are extremely rare. You are worth far more than you realize (or can accept).

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