344. Random Goofiness

I know there are times when I probably seem overly serious when I write here.  There are times when I will talk about my sense of humor but chances are it’s mostly little dry-wit one-liners that don’t stand out much or yield more than a smirk. Seeing as how my posts over the past 24 hours have felt way the hell too heavy, here’s some random crap that amuses me.

I like word play.  I like phonetic tricks.  Sometimes my sense of humor has the maturity of a 12-year old.  I don’t really care, because funny is funny.

As much as people hate the C word, my all time favorite fake name is still Mike Hunt. As much as I have tried to displace it I just can’t.  I met someone once who was actually named Dick Shrunk, but he was an actual person which for some reason makes it less funny than someone you are trying to make up.  Just for the record, I would probably have gone by Richard, Rick, or something else.

I love deceptive wordplay that is silly.  Most of the time we take the time to make said silly word play, it is also usually immature.  e.g. My dixie wrecked.  When I was in high school I used to write that on a piece of paper and ask drunk girls to say it out loud.  I was quite the jackass sometimes.  It really was sofa king funny though to have someone not get it and then shout it so that everyone could hear.  To the best of my knowledge, goblin cock hadn’t become well-known yet at that time, nor do I hold it in the same regard because it is too obvious.

I go back a long time on internet chatting.  I’m talking mid-1990’s dialup IRC days.  I know what goat.se was.  If you spend enough time on internet chats you will inevitably start doing stupid ascii drawings or fake letters and pick up a lot of slang you are probably ashamed of now.  If you know what pwn means AND where it came from, you get a gold star.  Just how stupid was some of this stuff?  Here’s a demonstration.


/-\  |3  (  |)  [- |=  (_-  |-|  ][  _\ |< |_ /\/\ |\| () |o  (). |2 _/` ‘|’ |_| \/  \/\/  ><  `/   ‘/_

Yeah.   If you thought “1337” was stupid, it doesn’t hold a candle to this.  I believe the most pointless skill I ever developed was being able to type 15-20 WPM with that alphabet.  I refuse to type out the lower case version of this alphabet because it’s very incomplete and has to rely on boring, single key cop-outs.

Something I rarely do anymore but used to out of boredom was to type sentences that were phonetically correct but using different words.  I guess this is sort of the same thing as my dixie wrecked and sofa king, but not nearly as clever or juvenile.  Well, maybe as juvenile but much less clever.  Faux net ick spelling really throws some people off and generally annoys the others.  Eye gno, right?

If you are old enough, you may remember these commercials:

I still have a T-shirt that I bought in 1992 that says “Hukton fonix werkt fer me.”  There are plenty of imitators but I’m pretty sure mine was the original 🙂


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