397. Sizzlin’ Saturdays 03/17/18

397. Sizzlin’ Saturdays 03/17/18

Prompt created by Nora.

EDITED: 3/17/2018 9:15PM

I read the first question backwards.  Corrected it for how I answered it.

What is a sure-fire way for your partner to get you in “the mood”.

What is a sure-fire way for you to get your partner in “the mood”.

As I don’t have a partner here with me at the moment, I will work from the past tense.  Usually I would use a lot of random excuses to bend over near them.  A little rump shake added every so often would help this along.

With F, the big one was to kneel, press my forehead to the floor, and my palms to the floor with arms extended above my head.  This would light a fire and I usually only had to hold that position for about 30 seconds.

Where is the most unusual or kinkiest place you have ever fooled around/had sex?

I don’t have a lot of these.  The most unusual would probably be in the hot tub at the indoor pool area in T’s first apartment when I met her.  One time she invited a friend over who was the type that would talk a lot and never listen.  I massaged T to several orgasms under the water and her friend didn’t even realize it.  One of the interesting things was that the blower jets were on a 15 minute timer so on occasion the jets would abruptly shut off and the clear water wouldn’t hide what was going on.  Thankfully I was pretty attuned to the sound of the blower stopping before the water would settle.

Describe the most embarrassing moment you’ve had in the sack

Hrm.  I’m not really sure that I have anything super embarrassing.

The first week I was with T, she got up on all fours and told me she wanted to do it doggy style.  I told her I couldn’t.  She didn’t understand.  I approached her from behind and she reached back and felt me completely limp.  I was like, “I can’t.”  This puzzled her.  She got up and pushed me onto my back on the bed and climbed on me and I was immediately hard.  She moved off, had me stand up again and approach her from behind and it went limp.  I don’t think this was so much embarrassing as it was strange having to explain how I was wired sexually while we were in the midst of having sex.

I do have my all-time classic gross-out sex story for my 30 days posts if newer readers are curious:






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