403. Sizzlin’ Saturdays 03/24/18

403. Sizzlin’ Saturdays 03/24/18

Prompt by Nora.

Where is the most arousing/sensitive area on your body?

My nipples.  They are the most responsive part of my body and can instantly get me aroused.  Having them stimulated increases the force of my orgasms by a significant amount as well.  Oddly enough, if pain is inflicted upon them by clamps/clips/etc. I cannot get aroused.

What is your preferred style for pubic hair and why?

Definitely dreadlocks.  Kidding.  For myself, neatly trimmed and short if not smooth.  On women, I don’t have a set preference although I definitely prefer something neat and trimmed compared to having it look like they have Buckwheat in a leg-lock.

What is one sexual/sensual act that you feel quite confident doing for your partner?

Massage.  I am quite good at varying kinds and can do everything from deep tissue and trigger point work to pleasurable types that are meant to stimulate nerve endings and circulation and can do it on any part of the body.

Vaginal/clitoral worship is a close second.  I have quite a few techniques that combine the use of hands/fingers, toys, and/or mouth/tongue.  I have absolute confidence in my ability to deliver many, many orgasms.


20 thoughts on “403. Sizzlin’ Saturdays 03/24/18

      1. I loved the part about nipple stimulation. This is something I need to talk to my husband about. I rarely play with his nipples because he doesn’t seem to have much response to it. But, I could be missing out on a gold mine of pleasure for him here! Convo about nipple play is definitely in order 🙂

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