426. Update

I have had a number of people check in with me since I haven’t posted in 5 days, so I figured I should make a post.

Yes, I am here and alive.

My depression has peaked and I’m dealing with it as best I can but I have had to shut down emotionally for the time being.  I was hoping the weather would turn and help snap me out of things but we got hit with 17″ of snow over the weekend and I believe I may have torn my rotator cuff again while trying to get the car unstuck while getting it out of the driveway.  Winter keeps on trucking.

Unfortunately as I am now I don’t really have any thoughts or feelings worth writing about.  Hopefully soon.


18 thoughts on “426. Update

  1. I’m also joining the group of well wishers.
    As for a snowfall in your city it remined me how Wanda called for David to shovel off the snow from her driveway in famous fs02 saga. It’s a ptty that you can not be a Domme at least for this very moment… .

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