Month: April 2018

423. Thoughts about Relationships

It feels like about every 8 months or so I go through a phase where I think about perspectives that involve some form of fundamentally unbridgeable gap yet find myself wanting to dig in and understand why. Something I've known over the years is that what I seek from a relationship is different than most … Continue reading 423. Thoughts about Relationships


422. An Intro to F/m – Part 12

These posts are targeted at people who are new to F/m, including those with experience in M/f who have not seen the other side of things. Previous Intro to F/m Posts Another common aspect in F/m that is far less common in M/f is a recurring theme of "forced."  Forced chastity.  Forced feminization.  Forced bi.  … Continue reading 422. An Intro to F/m – Part 12

420. Thoughts on dominant philosophies

I am still digging through my brain and trying to solve the mystery upon certain Femdom philosophies that I really do not understand very well.  Part of capturing a perspective is not by simply stating the words, but digging deeper to find the underlying thought process, experiences, and outlooks that shape that philosophy into what … Continue reading 420. Thoughts on dominant philosophies