466. A Personal Update and A Request

I know that I haven’t posted much lately.  Things are going pretty well.  Most of what I blog about is inspired by conversations and interactions with others.  I had a lull of that for a few weeks and so there really wasn’t a lot on my mind to write about.  After about three weeks of almost non-existent social contact everything has returned in spades.

My local friends have resurfaced.  I have met some incredible new online friends.  Some existing online friends have had some exciting changes happening.  I’m riding that high of getting to know new people or the “new versions” of people I have already known.  I take a lot of pleasure in helping people, especially mentoring and showing the ropes of D/s.

While I have a few ideas for posts I have been struggling to find the words.  I suppose they will come out sooner or later, but if anyone has any questions for me that they would like to see answered, I am open to suggestion.  They can be D/s or personal, whatever you would like to see answered in writing.

Take care.



5 thoughts on “466. A Personal Update and A Request

  1. Ok…… you asked for it.

    Personal questions…

    1) When was the last time you “made love”, if ever?

    2) When was the last time you went out of your way to perform a romantic gesture for someone and what was it?

    3) When was the last time you were deep in subspace?

    4) What was the most intense subspace experience you’ve ever had?

    5) What is your deepest fantasy of love/sex?

    Answer as many or few as you want. 😝

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