481. October Update

I thought I should probably check in with a post after receiving a number of messages from some of my readers.

I have had zero desire to write lately (each attempt has been scrapped before it was finished).  I’m not really sure why, as when I am in the mode to write, pounding out 1-4 posts a day happens so effortlessly.  My periods of writing more usually occur through periods of heavy interaction with others and I have a number of topics and ideas constantly churning in my mind due to conversations.  I haven’t felt this in a while and it seems my two-day span in August was an anomaly.

I am entering the fourth month of foraying back into the local scene.  The process has been both great and mildly disappointing.  On the positive end, I had forgotten how it felt to really meet and connect with people in person and this reminded me how much I miss and enjoy it when the opportunities arise.  On the negative end, while my list of people I know by name is growing with each passing week, the number of friends I have made has remained the same as it was as of August.  I can’t tell if I am doing it wrong or if this is just a sign of how the community is.

In any case, I have been busy lately and it feels pretty good to say that for reasons other than work.

14 thoughts on “481. October Update

  1. I miss your posts! Going out and meeting more people might be the reason you don’t have the desire to write at the moment. You’re expending more energy on them, so you don’t have the energy to write. It sucks for us, but it’s great that you’re out and about! Being busy for outside of work is excellent. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, HH. Part of it is definitely energy. Part of it is that my local area is predominantly impact players that do very little in the way of power exchange (monogamous or otherwise), so there hasn’t been a lot to talk about. I will say that I am enjoying myself more than if I stayed in, but it has definitely impacted my normal routines. When I try to force posts out they don’t turn out as intended, so I have been avoiding writing just to write.

      I hope you are doing well. Take care.

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  2. Good to see you back again, fur. I’ve been in the blogging doldrums as well. Perhaps we can stimulate each other? Glad to hear that you’re out and about and not in some sort of depressive state. Let’s hope the muse arrives soon for both of us.. Be well.

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