484. Feeling Blocked

I have been trying to write some posts lately but nothing seems to be coming out how I want it to (I have 9 unfinished drafts that have derailed).  This is usually a sign of just not being in the writing mood, but I find myself wanting to write.

I have had a number of in-person conversations lately that have brought about topics that I would like to write about, I just haven’t been able to articulate what I want to.  It’s a bit frustrating.

At times it feels like the posts that are the easiest to write are the ones where I am tackling topics directly, explaining something where I sense an obvious misunderstanding.  This is easier when it happens in the blogosphere since I frequently believe that the person I am “writing to” will end up reading the post.  For some reason I find this a lot more motivating than writing words that will never be read by my target audience.  I’m not sure, really.  It’s probably partly that and partly just a down mood.

In any case, I do hope to get back to posting soon, it just isn’t flowing yet.


15 thoughts on “484. Feeling Blocked

    1. Thank you, HH.
      I’ve been getting 50-75% done with the posts and realize that I cannot reach a worthwhile conclusion. It’s frustrating. I’ve been trying to break the posts down into smaller chunks but that isn’t working either.

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  1. Take your time, Fur. There are many bloggers out there who feel obliged to enter new post every so often not even checking the spelling mistakes. Others just want to promote their books or other items which they made for sale. Your writings always shows a depth of thinking and it is worded so elegantly. I’ll wait patiently for that moment when a mood will strike you. And now I can just repeat after ‘littlewinnie’: “sending creative vibes your way”, if it helps.
    Take care –

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  2. Hi Fur:
    I miss your awesome insight in this intoxicating lifestyle I am in these days.
    I have been off and on my blog and the blogs I follow lately,and used to see great information about the mental state of submissive men from you. It has helped me to understand a little more about my husbands needs.

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  3. Some time a bit of a break from the writing helps me especially if you have written too much too often. I’ve had occasions where I’ve had lots happen is a short period of time but my writing pace is too slow to keep up. I often have to stop, take stock of things and bin some items and focus on publishing 1 item in more detail and better quality (?? in my opinion??)rather than try and get 6 blog entries which don’t hit the mark. Just a though! regards Billie

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    1. Thank you, Billie.

      I haven’t been writing for a few months now. It seems like the more I have going on, the less that I write. The ideas just don’t flow in as well when I have less down time.

      Take care.


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