501. Discussion Topics

One of the local Femdom groups that I attend has discussion topics at each of its meetings and at the last gathering they put a call out for topic ideas for 2019.  I have a number of them that I would like to discuss and my plan is for each of them, I will be writing a rather in depth post on this blog to summarize my thoughts on said topic.  Some of these will probably be topics that I have written about before, but I hope to refine my thoughts and write about them in a way that I would if presenting them in person to a group of people that I don’t know very well.

Some of the topics that I am thinking about covering:

  • Mental spaces – submissive, dominant and other (slave, little, puppy/pet, primal, etc.)
  • Positive & Negative reinforcement
  • Chastity
  • Consensual Non-Consent

A topic that was already suggested that will be happening soon is top vs. dominant and bottom vs. submissive.  I plan to write about this soon.

If anyone has any ideas they would like to see, please leave a comment with the topic and I will add it to the list and try to cover it here and present it to the group if it is applicable.

10 thoughts on “501. Discussion Topics

  1. Ha, I literally was writing a post about this very thing yesterday and deleted it! I planned on doing a topic share and make it interactive. Couldn’t get my phrasing right so I scrapped the whole thing. Fascinating that you’ve written about the same topic. 🙂

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      1. Sadly no, which is another reason I didn’t publish. It was going in the group on Fet and I was going to start it off with ideas I’ve been mulling around but haven’t written about. And then I realized I didn’t have any ideas. 😛

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      1. Some ideas.
        Any interest in discussing submissive poetry.
        Is the embarrassment when marks etc. are visible such as changing room at the gym and is that part of the experience of my own submission.
        The role of being spanked as a relief from stress
        Fierce caning to overcome writer’s block and similar mental blocks at work
        The need to make a man groom according to his dominant girlfriend’s wishes. I had to grow my hair longer and use gel because she wanted to miss it when I knelt before her. Not to mention body hair grooming.

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