Month: July 2019

530. “A Positive Submissive Response”

Over the past few months I have had quite a few discussions while trying to explain how the mechanics of D/s tend to work in various environments, especially in regards to subs. What I have found is that as a whole, there is very little common understanding of what subs "get out of it" if … Continue reading 530. “A Positive Submissive Response”

529. Straddling Two Worlds

I have written 3 trashed drafts of another post that keeps on coming out too ranty.  I guess I will abandon it for now and write about something different that is on my mind. As much as I enjoy socializing within the local kink community, I find that I pretty much have to censor myself … Continue reading 529. Straddling Two Worlds

528. Thoughts on Submissive Male Shame and Emotional Masochism

Some days I wonder why I keep on blogging.  It's not that I have a reason to stop, it's that I find it harder to have a reason to continue.  In any case... A week ago I took part in a Femdom discussion munch that chose my topic of emotional sadism and masochism.   I had … Continue reading 528. Thoughts on Submissive Male Shame and Emotional Masochism

527. Thoughts on Mind-Fucking (2019)

In a couple of weeks the Femdom discussion munch I take part in will is going after another one of the topics that I suggested about 7 months ago.  The topic for this discussion is Emotional Sadism and Masochism.  I was given the task of doing the topic write-up and I did it by talking … Continue reading 527. Thoughts on Mind-Fucking (2019)

526. Thoughts on Switches and the Submissive Male

A comment on my last post led to an exchange where I feel like I uncovered something relatively important.  I will try to keep this as neat and clean as possible. I've written a lot in the past about the struggles of the submissive male with self-acceptance and society's bias against them, even in the … Continue reading 526. Thoughts on Switches and the Submissive Male