548. A Type of Sub-Frenzy

I was able to deduce this morning that the struggles I have been having that I wrote about in 546 and 547 are actually being magnified by sub-frenzy.  While I’m sure that depression is playing some part, the real issue at hand is is that I have been so stressed out that I have not been able to feel as vulnerable as I need to for quite a while.  Basically, a lot of the agitation is a withdrawl symptom of not being able to reach the place (sub mental space) that I want to go for an extended period of time.

There’s always something else weighing me down.  Errands to run.  Prescriptions to get refilled.  Appointments to keep up with.  Work piling up due to missing time from said appointments.  Worrying about the new Femdom group.  Things to be prepared for that.  All of these constant battles has made it impossible for me to relax.  When I’m unable to relax, I can’t reach my target space.  Without having that target space… I wilt.

I didn’t plan on writing this post but I did want to put a reminder out there that sub-frenzy can manifest itself in various ways.  It isn’t just a feeling that newbies get when chasing experiences.  It’s also a thing that veteran subs get when they aren’t able to get what they need.  Eventually it starts to cloud you and overwhelm.  What makes it feel worse is that I know the blockage is on my end.

5 thoughts on “548. A Type of Sub-Frenzy

  1. Don’t feel worse because the blockage is on your end; fell better because of that! You can feel safe knowing that opportunities will be there waiting when you’re feeling less scattered and ready to try again. And the external factors are calming down; we have a format that works for the new group, the dentist wound up being a big relief (16 years without a visit and no cavities!), it’s almost a month until the next doctor visits and those are just follow-ups to make sure all these new things are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and you’re down 20 pounds! Calm is coming, and when it does, you’ll be well set up to enjoy it.

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    1. Thank you. Sometimes it is a challenge to spot it. Other times it is more obvious. I realize now how much things have changed over the past 2-3 months and a lot of minor changes have really begun to take their toll. Eg. I used to have about an hour a day of uninterrupted private self time… and that has changed to dedicated workout time without being able to make it up. I’m hoping to find a way through this.

      Take care.

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  2. I needed this post today. ♥ THANK YOU!!!! Life has been busy, constant, stressful and it’s been nearly impossible for me to settle into much needed little space and/or subspace. The connection with Daddy has been diminished in the crucial ways I need as a sub. I’m irritable, frustrated and kinda bitchy, to be honest, because my needs aren’t being met. I needed a reminder to slow down and make a space for those needs to be met.

    Great insight, Fur. 🙂

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