582. Recent postings and Fetlife

Sorry for the post barrage today. The majority of posts that I have written lately I composed for Fetlife. They were meant for the ~200ish people on there that I am friends with or are following me. I have rarely if ever put any of my blog writing on Fetlife before, so a lot of these probably seem like re-hashes or postings I made here in the past.

Some of them are also postings that are more personal in nature and mostly meant to be read by the people who know me in person. With that in mind, I have not cross-posted all of the recent posts I have written there, but I have only left out the ones that were solely directed at friends that know me in person.

Honestly, it’s an entirely different experience for me to write to that audience than to have the cover of anonymity that I have enjoyed in the blogging community for the past 10+ years. With that in mind… I’m actually finding myself to be writing more openly and revealing more personal thoughts and emotions than I ever have here.

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