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156. Drawing: Nora Halloween 2.0

Due to the request for more cleavage, I whipped up a quick alternate version.  While I'm not sure how Nora would feel about the shirt, my gut instinct tells me it would probably be easier since the additional visual distractions people are less likely to make eye contact 🙂 EDIT:  Because I'm a wee bit … Continue reading 156. Drawing: Nora Halloween 2.0

155. Drawing: Nora’s Halloween Costume

Nora is one of my favorite kink bloggers.  Her blog can be found here: A recurring joke that we have is in regards to her Halloween costume, which started out in the comments of one of her blog posts a few months ago and has carried on from there.  On my last post about … Continue reading 155. Drawing: Nora’s Halloween Costume

154. The Parts I Keep Hidden (on WordPress)

The other night I did some searches via search engines to try and locate more blogs.  In addition to WP, I also have Tumblr and Blogger blogs.  I started my Blogger blog back in 2010 and just recently hit my 1000th post.  The Tumblr blog is something I started when I relaunched the current URL … Continue reading 154. The Parts I Keep Hidden (on WordPress)