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Hooked on Writing

I haven't been making as many posts here lately but I have been very occupied writing fiction.  For the past 5 days I have been averaging 8,000-10,000 words a day and only a small percentage of them have turned into posts here. My Femdom Erotica work is very fetish-heavy so I keep it on a … Continue reading Hooked on Writing


Spam Followers?

A random question to others out there.  In the past week or two I have gotten 15 email followers from emails.  All of them contain two names (usually Hispanic-sounding) and a mix of random letters.  e.g. mendozajtpjosebci@ Does this happen to anyone else? Do you remove them? I'm just curious.  Seems a bit fishy.

Thoughts on Contexts and Embarrassment

A recent conversation with a blogging friend has made me realize just how obsessed I am with explaining myself.  I find myself constantly unable to share something without needing to link it to all parts involved.  By itself, it is too embarrassing and shameful for me to face.  By itself... out of context... what would … Continue reading Thoughts on Contexts and Embarrassment

Balanced While Broken

It took many years of my life to reach the equilibrium that I found through submission.  I was plagued for years with insecurity and uncertainty.  I was afraid of never being enough.  I was afraid of going through life unwanted and unloved.  These weren't just random thoughts, these were the lessons that years of trauma, … Continue reading Balanced While Broken