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483. Blindness

For as many times as people have told me that I am an insightful person, there are many ways where I am blind. Much of this blindness is self-inflicted.  I can remember back to my early teens thinking that life would happen for me like it did for others.  I would think a girl is … Continue reading 483. Blindness


482. Spiraling

Very recently I hurt someone dear to me.  Badly.  Life-changing bad.  A betrayal of all that I value the most.  It's something I can't undo. It was a little over a month ago that I made some choices.  It was only recently that I faced those choices and accepted the responsibility for them.  The end … Continue reading 482. Spiraling

477. Thoughts about my Blog and meeting people

I have had something repeat at the munches that I have attended, and that is having attention called to my blog (it is linked from my fetlife profile).  For some reason this always causes an immediate bout of blushing and shyness and I am terrified to talk about it.  This is something I have been … Continue reading 477. Thoughts about my Blog and meeting people

475. 2-Year Blog Anniversary on Wordpress

Today was my 2-year anniversary here on WordPress. I just wanted to say thank you to the people who take the time to read, like, and comment here. I'm on a small hiatus from posting, but I'm sure that having something worth writing about will manage to come up sooner rather than later. Take care.

464. There’s a First Time for Everything (2018)

I try to be even-keeled in my presence on the blogosphere.  While I will rant now and then and express frustration, I generally don't get into beef in blog comments. Over the years I've been insulted or criticized countless times.  I have always found some way to either try to tactfully defuse the situation or … Continue reading 464. There’s a First Time for Everything (2018)