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555. Finally made the Top 100

After 9+ years of blogging and 1700+ posts, I finally managed to sneak onto the list of the top 100 sex bloggers at 97.  I believe I received a single nomination for my old blog back in 2016 but had pretty much guessed I would never make the list.  I don't really take part in … Continue reading 555. Finally made the Top 100

549. Update 11/16/19

I seem to be out of my writing funk but life has been extremely busy lately and I have been unable to compose a few posts that are swirling around in my head. On the forefront, I have been busy with requests for leather bondage gear.  I have continued posting all of what I have … Continue reading 549. Update 11/16/19

543. Stuck

I have 25+ trashed drafts right now of posts that I'm just not inspired enough to finish.  It's frustrating. If people have requests for topics or questions they would want me to answer I am open to suggestions.

525. Reflections on my submission in the modern world

I apologize out of the gate for the rambling nature of this post.  I don't really know where I am going with it, I am just aware of a few thoughts that are trying to get out.  I'll do my best to make it readable and cohesive. The past few months in the local scene … Continue reading 525. Reflections on my submission in the modern world