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This is a collection of works that I have written for a local Femdom discussion group that I partake in.  While I write about these topics pretty frequently upon my blog, I wanted to compile some of the information that was scattered across multiple posts into singular entities that people could reference without having to dig too deep to locate, especially in chronological order.

I hope that you find these helpful.  Please feel free to contact me via the contact form or comments if there are topics you would be interested in seeing me write about.

502. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Mental Spaces in BDSM v. 1.0 (12/20/2018)

503. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Top/Dominant, Bottom/Submissive

504. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Emotional Masochism and Sadism

505. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Enforced Male Chastity

506. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Meta-Consent

507. Discussion Topic Write-Up: A Brief History of FLR and its place in and out of BDSM

508. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Sub-Frenzy

509. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Kink Shaming, Kink Desirability, and how they fit into Femdom

531. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Some Major Style Differences within BDSM

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