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Finally the right fit… well right enough

After more than a decade of searching and over a thousand dollars wasted I finally have found a chastity device or two that isn't horrifically painful and may be suitable for longer term wear.  As much as I didn't want to purchase a third steel device in under a month, I figured it was worth … Continue reading Finally the right fit… well right enough


Chastity Tips: When it Burns

This year's chastity experiments have taught me a lot about fit.  This is one of those frustrating topics because of the cost of devices and uncertainty about comfort for long-term wear. You'll hear a lot of people talk about fit and issues, but very rarely are things described well enough to figure out what is … Continue reading Chastity Tips: When it Burns

June adventures with Chastity

So after my failed experiences with the Holy Trainer and Strict Gate earlier this year and doing some blog reading I was able to learn more about fit and lubrication than ever before.  My couple of weeks with the Holy Trainer was able to stretch me enough to fit back into the CB-6000S.  Unfortunately I … Continue reading June adventures with Chastity

More Chastity 2017: The Good, The Bad, and The Meh

More Chastity 2017: The Good, The Bad, and The Meh

I'll start with the bad.  After the Holy Trainer proved problematic I got a deal on a Strict Gate, hoping the soft back "tab" would alleviate the issues that I have with the Holy Trainer.  Due to my high and tight scrotum, previous generations of silicon devices just didn't look promising.  If you struggle to … Continue reading More Chastity 2017: The Good, The Bad, and The Meh

Revisiting “Click”: 2017 Edition

Years ago I remember making a post about how the clicking shut of a lock triggered a good bit of meaning to me.  Back then I remember my thoughts on it were mostly that it made me feel safe, protected, and valued (e.g. you put a lock on an expensive bike).  This pertained to what … Continue reading Revisiting “Click”: 2017 Edition