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580. Emotional Masochism: Despair

Originally posted on Fetlife. Despair is one of my kinks that resides within the darkness. I find that it isn’t talked about much. I don’t know many dominants that are drawn to pushing a sub to despair, at least I never hear it talked about. I’m not sure why. Is it because no one thinks … Continue reading 580. Emotional Masochism: Despair

577. Submissive Mental Spaces and Emotional Masochism

Originally posted on Fetlife. I haven’t written much on submissive mental spaces here on Fetlife, but since they are one of the foundational concepts from which I think about these topics, I figure it is probably important for me to write about them. I want to make it absolutely clear that I am not talking … Continue reading 577. Submissive Mental Spaces and Emotional Masochism

576. Emotional Masochism: The Darkness

Originally posted on Fetlife. I’ve been writing a lot about emotional masochism lately and discussing it with quite a few people so it’s probably time that I bring up a term that I have used frequently in my previous writings on the subject: The Darkness. In some cases I will talk about “going dark.” In … Continue reading 576. Emotional Masochism: The Darkness

571. Emotional Masochism/Sadism: Humiliation vs. Degradation

Originally composed for Fetlife. I received a question about this in reference to a writing I posted a few days ago and it came up again in a couple of in-person conversations. I know that quite a few people use degradation and humiliation as synonyms when it comes to emotional masochism and sadism. Oddly enough, … Continue reading 571. Emotional Masochism/Sadism: Humiliation vs. Degradation

570. Emotional Masochism: Fear of Rejection and Submissive Response

I’m currently working on evolving my theories about emotional masochism and had a “new discovery” about it the other day. Apparently, I’m the last one on Earth to realize this about myself, but I hadn’t rationally connected it nor talked about it before. Usually I would wait until I have further developed my understanding of … Continue reading 570. Emotional Masochism: Fear of Rejection and Submissive Response

564. Accepting Emotional Masochists

I’ve had a number of conversations recently on this topic and I think that others might find it helpful. I am an emotional masochist. I have known many emotional masochists over the years. While I don’t want this to try to speak for every emotional masochist, I know that I can represent the feelings of … Continue reading 564. Accepting Emotional Masochists

559. Thoughts on “Owning it”

This is a follow-up to my last post. I've been thinking more about the healing potential of people owning their inner demons rather than overcoming them.  I know that this is something that I have experienced in some ways.  I can't re-write how my inner-truths work but I can come to terms with them and … Continue reading 559. Thoughts on “Owning it”

558. Emotional Masochism: “Owning it” vs. Healing

Within the past month or so, I have had a number of interactions with people who were curious about emotional masochism and the possibility of incorporating it into their experiences, play, or dynamics.  A couple of the people were looking specifically at using it as a means to heal from past or accumulated psychological damage. … Continue reading 558. Emotional Masochism: “Owning it” vs. Healing

557. Thoughts on Degradation vs. Humiliation

A short while ago someone asked me for tips on how to humiliate a sub.  What began as a set of tips soon evolved into a 20,000+ word multi-part write up that had me delving to every aspect I could think of on the subject.  I thought about posting it here, but the response was … Continue reading 557. Thoughts on Degradation vs. Humiliation

553. The Evolving Narrative

I have pretty much given up on the idea of healing certain parts of my damage.  These are the parts that I have been able to integrate into my submission and I honestly find them... addictive to have to face them within the confines of my submission.  Facing the damage head on acts as fuel … Continue reading 553. The Evolving Narrative