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313. Consensual Supremacy

After some comment exchanges with The Secret Aspie on my yesterday's post about female supremacy, I thought it was worth revisiting. That is such a difficult topic for me to tackle objectively because my rational side and the knowledge of the preferences of... well... most of the Dommes that I know tends to keep me … Continue reading 313. Consensual Supremacy


311. Thoughts on Female Supremacy (2018 version)

I know this is something that I have written on in the past but it is something that I have talked with SG about lately and it came up again in comments. I find the concept of female supremacy (or female superiority) to be quite fascinating.  It is the ultimate role-reversal that bucks the historical … Continue reading 311. Thoughts on Female Supremacy (2018 version)

265. An Intro to F/m – Part 8

8th part... scroll around to find the other 7. I am making an actual disclaimer here.  I am not a fan of Sexism in D/s.  I do not believe in any way that any one gender is or should be dominant or submissive.  I believe this is completely individual and no one is simply deserving … Continue reading 265. An Intro to F/m – Part 8