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Symbolism vs. Fetish

Quite honestly over the past couple of weeks I think I have had more fun blogging than I have had in years.  I consider the verb, blogging to encompass writing blog posts, reading blog posts, leaving comments on other blogs, and responding to comments.  It has been at least 5 years since I have felt … Continue reading Symbolism vs. Fetish


An exercise in humility part 2

I wanted to give a thank you to Ms Dixie and Nora for their comments on the first post.  I'm feeling vulnerable, exposed, and submissive at the moment.  Which seems like a prime time to delve deeper into that which I fear to show.  The positive and playful responses make this easier to feel like … Continue reading An exercise in humility part 2

Open-mindedness and Understanding

Recently I've read a slew of blog posts about people encouraging open-mindedness when it comes to kink-related topics because of the ongoing trend of closed-mindedness that frequently plagues BDSM communities.  This post isn't targeted at any one of those bloggers, mostly just some thoughts in general that have been inspired by thinking about this topic. … Continue reading Open-mindedness and Understanding

My #1 Fetish: Symbolism

Fetish probably isn't the right word to describe this, but through submission I seem to be drawn to symbolism more than anything.  When looking at events or ideas within the "bigger picture" context, my body finds a way to respond with involuntary, unconscious arousal. Some might say that my penis betrays me. While there are … Continue reading My #1 Fetish: Symbolism