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556. Update 12/02/19

I have been doing a lot of leather-crafting lately but mostly posting it on my other blog. I'm not really sure if I should have posted them here instead, but some of the items are more catering to particular fetishes so I have pretty much kept them on the other blog. I've decided to share … Continue reading 556. Update 12/02/19

524. Yet More Leather Crafting…

524. Yet More Leather Crafting…

I have finally advanced my leather-crafting abilities far enough to where I can start making some of the gear that I really was hoping to be able to make somewhere down the line. If you are interested in checking them out in detail, they are available on my other blog:  https://fursissy.wordpress.com/tag/leather-crafting/

163. An exercise in humility part 2

I wanted to give a thank you to Ms Dixie and Nora for their comments on the first post.  I'm feeling vulnerable, exposed, and submissive at the moment.  Which seems like a prime time to delve deeper into that which I fear to show.  The positive and playful responses make this easier to feel like … Continue reading 163. An exercise in humility part 2

154. The Parts I Keep Hidden (on WordPress)

The other night I did some searches via search engines to try and locate more blogs.  In addition to WP, I also have Tumblr and Blogger blogs.  I started my Blogger blog back in 2010 and just recently hit my 1000th post.  The Tumblr blog is something I started when I relaunched the current URL … Continue reading 154. The Parts I Keep Hidden (on WordPress)