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325. Late night thoughts when I should be sleeping

Every time I post a new story I feel very vulnerable while waiting for the responses to it.  Sometimes the validation (or rejection even) never happens and it just takes time for the feelings to fade away.  Other times it just takes one or two responses for me to realize that I did what I … Continue reading 325. Late night thoughts when I should be sleeping


318. Scattered Thoughts

I'm in one of those moods where I want nothing more than to feel vulnerable.  I can see myself clearly from the outside looking in.  The problem is that what I see and what I know to be true feels off. Right now I am embarrassed and ashamed of who I am.  The thought of … Continue reading 318. Scattered Thoughts

315. Selective Validation

I have no problem accepting myself as a submissive.  I don't really have any trouble accepting myself as a submissive male in a society that largely shuns them.  That being said, it is easy to rail against society as a whole.  It's easy to rally against prejudice and hate when when it's a crowd roaring … Continue reading 315. Selective Validation

288. Thoughts on Contexts and Embarrassment

A recent conversation with a blogging friend has made me realize just how obsessed I am with explaining myself.  I find myself constantly unable to share something without needing to link it to all parts involved.  By itself, it is too embarrassing and shameful for me to face.  By itself... out of context... what would … Continue reading 288. Thoughts on Contexts and Embarrassment

287. The Struggles of Emotional Masochism

I have to believe that emotional masochism is one of the most difficult things in BDSM to cope with, understand, and communicate about.  Trying to describe it often feels shameful.  This can be a challenge for those who don't understand it because it is a struggle to communicate.  Hell, a lot of emotional masochists suck … Continue reading 287. The Struggles of Emotional Masochism

266. Thoughts on Exposure

Note:  I had to write this in two sittings.  I apologize if it lacks continuity. I've always found it interesting how "being outed" is one of the biggest fears among those who partake in D/s.  This fear is as old as D/s itself and dates back well before the days of image-matching and social media … Continue reading 266. Thoughts on Exposure

254. An Intro To F/m – Part 7

A continuation of the series, disclaimers etc., target audience people who are more familiar with M/f, etc. blah blah blah.  My apologies if any of this stuff are repeats, etc. F/m does have a number of topics that are pretty much limited to an F/m (or M/m) context.  CBT is one of them for example, … Continue reading 254. An Intro To F/m – Part 7

253. Put on Display

I'm guessing most people have some experience before with being put on display.  This probably happened at least a few times for most people when they were young.  Your parents or relatives would yank you away from whatever you wanted to be doing so they could show off whatever pseudo-talent you might have to people … Continue reading 253. Put on Display

251. Thoughts on Degradation

I find that degradation is one of the most polarizing topics in all of D/s.  There are a huge number of people that hate it.  The majority of people who crave it tend to be mostly male subs. While there are female subs as well as male and female dominants that do enjoy degradation, they … Continue reading 251. Thoughts on Degradation

239. Emotional masochism, humiliation, mindfucking, emotional sadism, etc.

My last post brought in some comments that made me realize I should make a clarifying post to better describe how the interplay works as well as where boundary lines fall. I have written quite a bit on humiliation, most recently I wrote something for Nora a while back at her request. First off, some … Continue reading 239. Emotional masochism, humiliation, mindfucking, emotional sadism, etc.