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Thoughts on Contexts and Embarrassment

A recent conversation with a blogging friend has made me realize just how obsessed I am with explaining myself.  I find myself constantly unable to share something without needing to link it to all parts involved.  By itself, it is too embarrassing and shameful for me to face.  By itself... out of context... what would … Continue reading Thoughts on Contexts and Embarrassment


The Struggles of Emotional Masochism

I have to believe that emotional masochism is one of the most difficult things in BDSM to cope with, understand, and communicate about.  Trying to describe it often feels shameful.  This can be a challenge for those who don't understand it because it is a struggle to communicate.  Hell, a lot of emotional masochists suck … Continue reading The Struggles of Emotional Masochism

An Intro To F/m – Part 7

A continuation of the series, disclaimers etc., target audience people who are more familiar with M/f, etc. blah blah blah.  My apologies if any of this stuff are repeats, etc. F/m does have a number of topics that are pretty much limited to an F/m (or M/m) context.  CBT is one of them for example, … Continue reading An Intro To F/m – Part 7

Put on Display

I'm guessing most people have some experience before with being put on display.  This probably happened at least a few times for most people when they were young.  Your parents or relatives would yank you away from whatever you wanted to be doing so they could show off whatever pseudo-talent you might have to people … Continue reading Put on Display

Emotional masochism, humiliation, mindfucking, emotional sadism, etc.

My last post brought in some comments that made me realize I should make a clarifying post to better describe how the interplay works as well as where boundary lines fall. I have written quite a bit on humiliation, most recently I wrote something for Nora a while back at her request. First off, some … Continue reading Emotional masochism, humiliation, mindfucking, emotional sadism, etc.

Thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance

Another topic I have been covering in some private discussions lately is the idea of cognitive dissonance. In its basic form, cognitive dissonance is mental anguish you experience when your brain battles itself.  In D/s, it frequently occurs in humiliation, when an act or verbal statement makes you feel something is true, but wish that … Continue reading Thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance

Thoughts on the existence of the submissive male

I've been feeling a little bit unnerved the past few days and I had trouble putting my finger on the reason.  After analyzing the feelings that accompanied my past few posts and an observation made by a friend, it finally dawned on me and clarity came rushing in. You will find quite a bit of … Continue reading Thoughts on the existence of the submissive male