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241. Mindfucking – Revised

Missy made some comments on my last post that made me realize that my definitions given in it were indeed lacking.  I had tunnel-visioned a bit on its humiliation aspects and missed another side of it entirely.  Later I will go back and make notes on that post about its incompleteness and hopefully represent it … Continue reading 241. Mindfucking – Revised


240. Humiliation vs. Mindfucking

EDIT 11/20/17:  I have come to realize that a lot of what I wrote in this post is wrong.  I have since written a revision in hope of correcting it.  I am leaving the rest of this post as is since people still might find it interesting on some level. Missy left a comment on … Continue reading 240. Humiliation vs. Mindfucking

239. Emotional masochism, humiliation, mindfucking, emotional sadism, etc.

My last post brought in some comments that made me realize I should make a clarifying post to better describe how the interplay works as well as where boundary lines fall. I have written quite a bit on humiliation, most recently I wrote something for Nora a while back at her request. First off, some … Continue reading 239. Emotional masochism, humiliation, mindfucking, emotional sadism, etc.

238. How to mindfuck me

I have had some recent conversations about the intricacies of mindfucking with people... I felt like sharing how it works for me. I am an emotional masochist. I make no secret of it. My submissive mental space loves to swirl around in insecurity. My ego loves to be crushed beneath the heel of past trauma … Continue reading 238. How to mindfuck me

199. Thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance

Another topic I have been covering in some private discussions lately is the idea of cognitive dissonance. In its basic form, cognitive dissonance is mental anguish you experience when your brain battles itself.  In D/s, it frequently occurs in humiliation, when an act or verbal statement makes you feel something is true, but wish that … Continue reading 199. Thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance