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519. Thoughts on the existence of the dark Domme

This post has been due for a while now. Over the past 4 years or so, I had a the sense that my style of submission was on the verge of extinction.  This wasn't because of a shortage of subs that submit in the way that I do, but more so because of a shift … Continue reading 519. Thoughts on the existence of the dark Domme

472. Thoughts on Sadism vs. Malice

It's sort of ironic that I had this blog post title already saved as a draft I was intending to write about when a couple of minutes ago a Domme friend messaged me about receiving some negative comments from someone that completely relates to this topic.  I was originally planning on writing this from a … Continue reading 472. Thoughts on Sadism vs. Malice

408. Erotica Short: In the Hands of a Sadist

Femdom, Fur Fetish, and Forced Feminization

I tremble as I feel the cool leather of her gloves take my wrist in hand and close the padlock, locking chain to wrist. Her eyes consciously avoid mine. Her face is calm and stoic. My naked body shivers in the cool basement air. The quiet hum of the electric fan whirs in the distance, the cold breeze traces goosebumps along my arms. I swallow as the second lock clocks, suspending my hands above my head.

She looks above my head and bites her lip. I feel her finger grip the ring on my collar. She tugs and leans in. Her eyes close as her lips engulf mine. Her tongue forces my mouth open as she plunges it deep into my mouth. She’s aggressive. Hungry. I want her. I feel my cock twitch and rise. She eats her fill from my soul and releases, taking a step back. Her eyes…

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309. Why sadists fascinate me

Working on the third arc of fs02 has reminded me of something.  I am absolutely fascinated by sadistic women.  It's not that sadism fascinates me, I accept that it exists along with masochism. What intrigues me are the people that acknowledge that they are sadists.  I'm probably going to struggle expressing the root of this … Continue reading 309. Why sadists fascinate me

185. Thoughts on Loving Sadists

A handful of recent conversations I have had with subs leads me to believe there is a bit of misunderstanding when it comes to lifestyle D/s involving sadists.  There seems to be a bit of a notion that they can easily cast aside feelings and inflict unbearable levels of pain and suffering upon a sub. … Continue reading 185. Thoughts on Loving Sadists