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Thoughts on my Role/Label

I have stated in previous posts that the term slave in BDSM has really lost a lot of its meaning and is relatively undefinable in the vernacular of the 2018 kinky world.  I have also written about being educated in the "Old Guard" definitions of slave and talked about the seriousness it rings in my … Continue reading Thoughts on my Role/Label


Thoughts on Submissive vs. Slave

Last week I wrote about submissive vs. bottom.  This week I have decided to tackle the topic of submissives and slaves. Back when I entered the lifestyle, there was a pretty firm distinction between submissive and slave.  The available resources back then were still heavily rooted in old guard definitions and my first Domme took … Continue reading Thoughts on Submissive vs. Slave

Thoughts on Humiliation and Self

There are times when I hate that humiliation is such a strong gateway to bring me to my submissive mental space.  There are times when I hate that this process turns me on.  When I think about why I carry this frustration, it isn't because I dislike it.  It is because I fear that it … Continue reading Thoughts on Humiliation and Self