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An Intro To F/m – Part 7

A continuation of the series, disclaimers etc., target audience people who are more familiar with M/f, etc. blah blah blah.  My apologies if any of this stuff are repeats, etc. F/m does have a number of topics that are pretty much limited to an F/m (or M/m) context.  CBT is one of them for example, … Continue reading An Intro To F/m – Part 7


SPH: Tee Ball for Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) is a fascinating topic to me because of how blown out of proportion penis insecurity is. At its core fall two basic principles: Your penis size is inadequate to the point for you to exercise sexual proficiency. Other people will shame you if they see it. I tend to ignore #2 … Continue reading SPH: Tee Ball for Humiliation

The Allure of Humiliation in D/s

Just a quick note for an intro, but I'm in the mood to write without anything particularly on my mind.  On my primary blog I've written about a kabillion topics, often more than once but readers here haven't had a chance to see many of those so I figure that gives me the green light … Continue reading The Allure of Humiliation in D/s