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508. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Sub-Frenzy

I am writing this from the standpoint of introducing these ideas and concepts as part of a discussion group and may include ideas and concepts that I have discussed in earlier posts. I. What is sub-frenzy? The term sub-frenzy has been around for decades, but in more recent years the definition has become rather incomplete.  … Continue reading 508. Discussion Topic Write-Up: Sub-Frenzy


178. Thoughts on Sub-Frenzy

A week or two ago I was having a discussion in a chat group and I don't even recall the topic.  I just remember having the "group think" turning noticeably one-sided (and ignoring say, 60%+ of what exists out there) on a topic that was meant to be a general discussion for D/s of all … Continue reading 178. Thoughts on Sub-Frenzy