Month: February 2018

370. Instructions for Cross Platform Blog Following

I have been mentoring a few new people lately and found that there isn't a lot of familiarity with newer bloggers and cross-platform blog following.  Back in the day Blogger and WordPress would talk to each other and followers would show up regardless of where their account was based.  They severed that connection around 2014 … Continue reading 370. Instructions for Cross Platform Blog Following

369. Defying the Odds

I received some comments the other day regarding sympathy for the poor odds faced by submissive men when it comes to Femdom D/s dating and relationships.  While the odds are poor, I keep them in my mind but I try not to dwell on them too much in a negative way.  Just for curiosity's sake … Continue reading 369. Defying the Odds

367. Contemplating starting a Fetlife group…

I am debating starting a Fetlife group for kink bloggers.  I'm not really sure why, but I have been doing more correspondence through Fet and feel like I would rather have something else to do while I am there, seeing as the majority of groups that I follow are either too busy to be welcoming … Continue reading 367. Contemplating starting a Fetlife group…

366. Thoughts on Love in D/s

I had two encounters today that got my brain swirling on this subject for the first time in a while.  Sometimes I feel like it's too easy to forget that there are fundamentally different views when the people you surround yourself tend to share yours. One of the two encounters was reading someone's statement that … Continue reading 366. Thoughts on Love in D/s

365. Thoughts on Mythical Creatures

The term unicorn is the most common mythical creature in the BDSM realm.  While it can have a number of meanings, the word unicorn unicorn is often used to describe a submissive that is unselfish, thoughtful, devoted, obedient, and has an interesting personality.  Another popular use is to describe a service-oriented submissive that is willing … Continue reading 365. Thoughts on Mythical Creatures

363. More “dominate” thoughts

A theory that I have been floating around in my head is the possibility that the rampant misuse of "dominate" has to do with people's auto-correct on phones and/or spellcheck on PC's. Dominant currently does not exist as a noun in most dictionaries. The spellcheck on my browser constantly flags me when I use submissive … Continue reading 363. More “dominate” thoughts